Monday, July 23, 2012


Walker LOVES his jumper that he received as a "Welcome Home" present from R's apprenticeship program classmates.

Walker is currently teething. OUCH! You can see the teeth moving to the top. He's drooling which is causing barfing, he's restless which is causing over-tiredness. He's miserable. Even with Orajel. He does this thing where he sucks his bottom lip in and bites down really hard. When he lets go, his lip is purple.

 His jumper has a mirror and those shapes light up and play music. Walker stares at himself in the mirror. He gets pretty low to stare at the lights and at himself. I mean, look how cute he is! Who wouldn't want to stare at him?

"There's that cute baby again!"

"I'm loving the light show"

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