Thursday, July 5, 2012

All That Glitters

Glitter. My brother Nic once told me this story about glitter. One time when his friends and him were leaving the graveyard after visiting their friend, that a big gust of wind came and that they were covered in glitter. He never said it directly but what I was thinking he was getting at was that it was sign from his friend.

I told my sister that story and we now assume that when we find glitter on ourselves, that it's Nic letting us know he's here. I miss my brother so unbelievably much that it's hard to even articulate.  I am so sad that Walker won't know his uncle in this life. I always had this theory that all the while Walker was in the hospital that his soul was in heaven with all of his favorite angels, one being my brother. That my brother talked to him and loved on my sick baby while he fought for his life. I know my brother was with Walker every night in the hospital and continues to be with him.

Last night I found a single piece of glitter of my sweet Walkies forehead. We said our prayers and thanked God for letting us know that Uncle Nici was there with us.

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