Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Walker's formula is called Elecare. We have a prescription for it and our dietitian gets it from a medical surplus store and it is delivered to our house. Great! Fantastic! Less hassle for me, right? No way. When Walker is out and we have to wait for them to deliver, it's stressful.

We went to the GI on the 6th of July, where they changed the prescription from 11 cans a month to 15 (Walker is eating more). We were given some samples to last us until they shipped it out. Perfect. Fast forward to yesterday when we only had a can left and the dietitian said it would arrive yesterday. So when we were over by the med center yesterday I decided since she talked with the company and they said yesterday that I would not stop. Today I regretted that decision.

We have to pre-make the formula because he takes it at 24 calories. R was only able to make 3 bottles, that only lasts us until 12. I waited until the last possible moment hoping it would show up and it never did. So I had to lug up my child and head to the med center for formula.

Walker "talked", or sang,  the whole ride there.  We pick it up and head home. When we got home I found Walker like this, see below. He had, somehow, taken his pull toy down and put it on as a bracelet. Stylish little one! He's so funny!

I make a bottle and put Walker to sleep. As I'm sitting down to start blogging, the UPS man pulls up and delivers the formula. Awesome.

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