Friday, March 30, 2012

Days 150-154

Day 150: Monday, March 26, 2012- Walker's feeds have increased to 48 cc and he's taking 3 bottles a day. I got to feed him one time and my little snuggle bug fell asleep and didn't finished.

Walker is weighing 3,790 grams. That 8 pounds 6 ounces. Lost a little. His diaper rash is improving.

Day 151: Tuesday, March 27, 2012- Walker has been sleeping through the night and is starting to stay awake longer during the day. R has been at a class for work these past two days and he gets off early. By the time we get to Walker he's either sleeping or starting to fall asleep. Today R held Walker and he was showing off how he can hold his head up by himself. He's been working hard and he was doing so well! He laid it down when he was ready to shut his eyes.
"Why aren't you holding me Mommy?"

"What does your sticker say?"


"I do kisses, I really do."

"What's out there?"

"What's that moving out there?"
 Lazy Nurse Tuesday got tired of putting Walker's pacifier in his mouth, so she taped it to a rolled up rag. Clever? Not so much. He already has a powerful suck which complicates things with feeds and all she did was make him suck even HARDER to keep his paci in.

I'm having a huge issue with his nurse leaving him in a dirty diaper, when he has a horrible diaper rash, only for me to change it whenever I show up.

Day 152: Wednesday, March 28, 2012- Happy 5 month birthday, Walker! We love you so much big guy!
"Are you going to put my paci in my mouth or do I need to throw a fit?
"Oh, oh! Don't scare me again Mommy!"

Ugh. I would have totally taken Nurse Tuesday over Nurse Wednesday today. Walker is great with his hands. He can pull anything out or down. Today he pulled his OG tube out and it needed to go back in. I had a feeling before Nurse Wednesday even began, that it was going to be terrible. He was having a fit and she stuck his pacifier in his mouth to calm him while you thread it through. He was not having it and pushing back and holding his breath. He started getting distressed and turned blue. I had to turn the oxygen up all the way and now that I think about it she didn't call or ask for help at all. Usually they have RT come by and assist. It was very traumatizing for me and I can't get the picture of my limp, blue baby sitting there. HATE THAT NURSE!

Thankfully, Nurse Esther is there tonight and she loves Walker and will take excellent care of him.

Walker weighed 3,930 grams. That's 8 pounds 10 ounces.

Day 153: Thursday, March 29, 2012- Ugh, Nurse Wednesday is back and with a trainee. Not happy. Walker's bottle feeding during the day didn't go so well. Tonight he is with Nurse Denise and she gave me some excellent pointers in feeding him. FYI for those with babies and think you just put the bottle in their mouth. Wrong. It's so much more difficult with a baby. You have to pace and help close their mouths to get a good suck.
"Please don't drop me Daddy"

"What are those people doing out there?"

"Fake smile"

 They really are sleeping too. R gets in trouble because in the NICU you aren't allowed to fall asleep with a baby in your arms.

Day 154: Friday, March 30, 2012- Happy 22 week birthday Walker! Adjusted age: 7 weeks.

Walker's feeds were increased to 58 cc, that's right under 2 ounces. He's almost there! Today he got his 4 month shots. You have to be 2 kilos before getting your shots, so Walker got his first round of shots at 3 months and his second at 5 months. He'll always be a month after the recommend age.

Nurse Courtney put Walker on the list for volunteers to hold him. He loves to be held and well, he's 5 months. He is awake longer in the day and doesn't like being in bed all day long. I'm sad about it. I don't want anyone holding my baby that I don't know.

While holding Walker, he rolled over. I put him on his boppy to see if he would, and he did! He's getting so big! He's even starting to smile more. 
"Who's that?"

"What are you saying about me?"

 Papa is leaving for a job in St. Croix for 2+ months so he came to see Walker before leaving. Must be nice!

Tonight Walker is weighing 3,945 grams. He's 8 pounds 11 ounces!

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