Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preemie Pen Pal Group

Like I mentioned so many times, The Bump is great site. I've met some really great women from there. So much so, that we've formed groups on Facebook that are private and only viewable to certain people. It's all about friendships. We'll remember these people for the rest of our lives when we think back to our pregnancies and our babies being born.

I've always been the type of person who has had a ton of friends. I love everyone! Seriously, I do! All my friends are different but just alike in many ways. Most of these women that I have met on the site, I have never met in real life. Today I received a gift from one of them.

K, C's mom, who was also at TCH for over 3 months, has been an amazing friends through this whole NICU journey. It's almost as if God whispers in her ear when I need something because I always get a gift or a note to let me knows she's thinking of us or something to lift my spirits.

I'm in a mood of moods today. I hate the NICU and all the people in it. Even Dr. Dariya stopped by and I completely ignored him. The hospital is wearing on me and I'm so ready to be done with it completely. You think you understand or might think you know how I would feel; but you have NO idea!

Anyways, back to my gift. She had mentioned to me last week she had something for me but her little girl was sick and asked for my address. I love snail mail! Inside my mailbox, after my horrible hospital daily visit, were these:

The Preemie board has been my go-to board. These ladies get it. Very few have experienced what we have but they get it nonetheless. Lengthy NICU stays, feeding intolerance, BPD, CLC, desats, CBC, OG tubes, PT, OT...all these words that you don't have to explain what they mean; they get it!

I could not have received these cards at a better time. See what I mean about God whispering in her ear? I got choked up reading what these ladies, all around the US, whom I've never met, are cheering not only Walker on, but us too.

Thank you ladies for following our journey and cheering us on along the way.

Much, much, much love to you all!


urban flowerpot said...

I'm so glad they came at a good time. We're thinking of you!


Mrs. Emery said...

Thank you! I love your handwriting!