Thursday, December 8, 2011

Six Week Check Up

Today I went for my six week check up. Um, that kind of hurt!

Anyways, I lost a total of 11 pounds. None of which was baby weight because I only gained 2 pounds total while pregnant. Nurse Maryanne came in the room and started to ask questions about what happened and all the details. And then finally said with an nervous look, "I'm sorry I have to ask, did he make it?". I think I gave her an insulted look and said, "Of course he made it!". I'm so proud of Walker! We went on with the appointment and she was eager to ask questions, I told her he is weighing 3 pounds 4 ounces and she was amazed. Walking into his office they asked if I had any pictures and I showed them some I had on my camera. They loved all his hair. I've been so busy that I forgot to send the edible bouquet we had planned to send to the office. And now I'll need to send some pictures also.

Dr. Milner and I discussed birth control and R and I had already discussed it also. There's no way I'm having plastic implanted inside of me, so the IUD was out. The other two choices were the shot and then protective sex. The thing about birth control and me is this: there isn't a reason for me to be on it. Yes, to have a monthly period but I don't ovulate on my own which is the key concept to getting pregnant. It took a lot, but not as much as other people do, but it did take a lot to get pregnant in the first place, so I think we are okay. Plus, we both are tired and mentally exhausted, that when it's time for bed, that means sleep. Another thing is that when I had stopped birth control, it took a good 3 months for my body to feel like me again. I can tell a huge difference between the way my body is on and off birth control. I like it without. R and I know we want more kids but our main focus right now is Walker.

So all you mean, ugly people who are reading this and thinking to yourself, "She'll be pregnant in three months tops", go on with your rude self!

Dr. Milner seemed to be real beat up about my pregnancy. I asked questions about next time if I would be high risk and he said no but he would monitor me closely. The same results came in that my placenta tested positive for a severe infection. There's no real reason. All my other tests from pregnancy came back all clean, it was just a fluke. If it had to happen to someone, it was going to me!

Overall it was a good appointment.

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