Saturday, December 31, 2011

Days 60-64

Day 60: Tuesday, December 27, 2011- Anxiety and tears have set in. Dr. Premkamur transitioned out yesterday and said goodbye to R when I was at the milk bank. Just now Dr. Keaney called and gave me an update and said goodbye. I had to swallow down the lump in my throat. I am so sad. I HATE goodbyes more than anything in this world. I don't think of these doctors as doctors, they are our friends. We see them and the nurses, and the hospital for that matter, more than we see family or friends.

They decided to play with Walker today. He's on room air and using the tube like a CPAP. They are going to try to extubate him today. I'm not telling anyone. If we show up and you are, what a surprise for Daddy!

He was surprised! You are on CPAP! You are doing well too! So happy! The nasal plugs came out and you were holding up pretty well by yourself. I'm so proud of you little bird.

Surgery is talking about starting feeds tomorrow, Daddy isn't so sure about that. He thinks it seems too early or too fast.

Day 61: Wednesday, December 28, 2011- Happy 2 month birthday, Walker! Like your new monthly ties? So cute, buddy!

Walkie Talkie, you are SO loved! Today Auntie Jenn came to see you while in town from Colorado. She brought you some cute clothes too and a little bracelet with your name on it. Andy came to meet you also. He brought you a Texans football and Astros bib, pacifier and bottle.

You are doing very well on CPAP. Tonight at 6 pm, you will get your first feeding since surgery. I think his last feeding was 10 cc about a month ago. That's right, folks, Walker is starting feeds again. Prayers, prayers and more prayers.

Walker still loves his paci and I think he is so happy to have it back! Dr. Dariya rounded with the new doctor, Dr. Rhee, and the rest of the group. Dr. Dariya was SO excited that you were doing so well on CPAP and told me about starting feeds. I'm going to miss him. He is the last go from the group. Tomorrow is his last day.

I decided to forgo holding you tonight and let Daddy. He was SO excited! His heart was racing, he said. He was really nervous and when Nurse Esther asked if he was comfortable he said, "I don't know I've never held a baby before. Am I doing it right?" He has held a baby but he was just so nervous! You loved it too! You fell asleep and when we put you back in your bed, you didn't even mind the lights being turned on. You love us and we love you!

Day 62: Thursday, December 29, 2011- You are doing very well, my little bird. Aunt Julie and Aunt Judy came to see you and to their surprise, Daddy was holding you again. No changes, you are taking your feeds as they come. Sometimes they have to skip a feed and re-feed what was left in your stomach, but the good news there is that it looks slightly digested. You just need a little bit more time and by the next feed, you are ready for some more! SO PROUD OF YOU!

Yesterday, the surgeons came to stitch up the stoma since you are passing stool through a "man-made" hole fine. Nurse Courtney said that they were digging and taking out stitches in your incisions and really messing with you today. You got a nice dose of morphine to relax you. Thankfully you had a nurse there that you like, since Mommy wasn't able to come up during the day.

You looked really yellow today. I'm not sure if that's from the Omegaven or your liver but I will be checking on that tomorrow.

Day 63: Friday, December 30, 2011- Happy 9 week birthday! You are 34 weeks GA (GA= gestation age, have I told you that?)

At 6 pm they started feeds of 8 cc. Crossing our fingers, toes, eyes and anything else we can cross, that all goes well. We need to plump you up!

Mommy had a field day shopping for you. It's a little hard because preemie is too small at the moment and you can't even wear clothes. I don't know when you will be able to. Maybe after surgery to reconnect, but even then the surgeons need access to your wound area. Patience Momma, patience.

Anyways, I went out and bought you a couple of things to put in your closet. All newborn because you will be in that for a while, we are assuming. I do have to say that you might be the best dressed little boy.

Look at this picture Aunt Julie sent me.

It's safe to say, YOU LOOK JUST LIKE DADDY! I can't wait for you to get bigger so we can compare this picture to you.

No residuals after your first 8 cc, so you got another 8 at 9 pm.

Day 64: Saturday, December 31, 2011- Mommy was concerned that you are losing weight at a pretty rapid pace. Last night you were 1480 grams, which is 3 pounds, barely an ounce. I had your nurse ask the doctors today and they aren't extremely worried at the moment and have decided to increase your feeds to 10 cc.

They've decided to put your feeds on a pump that goes for 30 minutes to see if that helps you digest the whole thing easier. At 6 o'clock you didn't have any residuals. You just need time. Everyone is in a rush. Not us sweet pea. Whenever you are ready.

Mommy is particularly upset tonight. This is the first night in your 64 days of life that we have been a part. I'm sick. Daddy's sick. You have your Nana, Papa, Uncle P and Great Grandparents to blame for that. That house is constantly filled with someone who is sick. Mommy is so sad to not see you. Don't worry though, I'm making Daddy call regularly to check up on you. Mommy barely has a voice. 

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