Friday, December 16, 2011

Days 45-49

Day 45: December 12, 2011- Walker was scheduled to have his exploratory surgery today and as R and I were on our way the doctor called and said they were going to give him more time. They wanted to try an antibiotic to see how things go and we would wait for 2-3 days. Perfect! We arrived to the hospital in good spirits. Walker's in an open warmer and has been desating, we thought it was all the noise and the new bed he didn't like. They came in and bagged him to see what pressure he would need. They upped his pressure once. Then the desating happened again. Turned him up. All the way to 30 over 7. When he arrived at TCH, it was at the highest at 34 over something. They ordered a blood gas and also are doing a blood culture to check for infection. I'm sitting on the couch reluctant to call. I know what they are going to say. When we left he was already getting started on three antibiotics.

Walker is also taking part in a study for Omegaven. It is a fish oil based lipids that is better for the liver. Oh, did I mention that Walker's liver is sick also? Mildly so. Being on TPN, which keeps him alive, does damage to a person's liver if kept on too long. TCH's Dr. Abrams, along with Dr. Puder from Boston, have started a study in the states using Omegaven. Supposedly it does wonders for the liver.

We went for some retail therapy after the roller coaster day we had. 

Walker's stocking to put on his bed.

  Cloud B Giraffe on the go. He has a Velcro hook that we plan to keep on his bedside and when he goes into a crib. It plays soothing music and has a timer.

Day 46: December 13, 2011- Well, sweet baby. We arrived to your bedside to find your tummy VERY swollen, red and shiny; which is not a good sign. Surgery was inevitable. We waited and waited and waited. Finally at 12:30 am you went in and didn't come out until 4:30. Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Aunt Sissy and Aunt Julie were all waiting for you.
He had two holes, one at the bottom of the stomach and was easily reconnected with stitches. The second hole was by the colon and had to be removed. 8 centimeters to be exact. He has a colostomy; something we prayed he wouldn't need. Time will tell and they think he will get pretty sick in the next couple days while his body heals. He'll have another surgery in 6-8 weeks to removed the colostomy bag and reconnect his colon and intestines.
They have speculation that Walker did indeed have NEC at the other hospital that went unnoticed. 
They've prepared us that when we come tomorrow that he will be very swollen for a couple of days and he is expected to be very sick. 
We know that this is what he needed because after surgery his tummy was very flat and he looked like a baby, with a big incision. You could tell that he was uncomfortable. We are hoping that this is the start of Walker improving and progressing in the way he should. There are still possible complications from the surgery. 
Getting bagged for the ride to the OR.

Reaching the OR doors

Going in

There he goes


Day 47: December 14, 2011- Today sucked. Walker is on blood pressure medicine, pain medicine, more blood transfusions (yes, that's correct. Plural as in more than one. I believe 3 since surgery). It was really hard to see him. Hopefully these next couple of days go by fast because I hate seeing him like this.

Day 48: December 15, 2011- Walker was taken off of the blood pressure medicines. His blood pressure is doing well and they may be able to lower his dosage a little tomorrow. His vent settings are good and as of 10 pm tonight, his blood gas came back pretty good. His nurse thought they may lower his settings. Walker looked really good tonight. He opened his eyes and gave a half smile when I talked to him.

The saddest thing for R and I is you can really tell that he was in pain from his stomach. He just looks relieved and is acting like he does feel better. We are praying for his recovery to be fast and exactly what it is supposed to do.

My sweet angel baby.

Day 49: December 16, 2011- Happy 7 week birthday, Walker!

Walker is making little strides daily. Today he was weened off two of the three antibiotics and was also weened down to a very small dose of his blood pressure medicine. He was smiling and opening his eyes when R and I would talk to him. He is the sweetest little baby and his nurse today confirmed that before we even said it! His tummy looks really good compared to the previous days. The veins are not as prominent as they were. He is still sick and his intestines are healing.

We're just praying for a speedy but complete recovery with little to no complications.

Covering his eyes while Nurse Kristen assesses.

Daddy thought this was funny!

I'm 32 weeks GA and 7 weeks old!

R at the Christmas decorations.

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