Monday, December 26, 2011

Days 55-59

Day 55: December 22, 2011: Last night you had two doses of morphine. You are not a very happy camper. Everything else with you is fine. I just think you are tired of the breathing tube, which is understandable. Nurse Courtney let you suck on her finger today and you really enjoyed that.

How am I forgetting this? Dr. Arnold stopped by with the camera crew when you were desating. You keep moving your breathing tube either too far down or pushing it up. Patience my little one, patience. Everyone thinks you are the cutest thing with your little Santa hat on. Tonight, you were pulling it down over your eyes and getting upset when Mommy would pull it off.

You had a HUGE stack of letters from all of your friends! And then when Mommy went to pump, she came back to even MORE letters! You are so loved! Even the nurses were fighting over who's baby you were!

Day 56: December 23, 2011: Happy 7th week birthday, Walker!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim. Mommy and Daddy got Love You Forever with a sweet note in the inside. Daddy bought that for NeNe and she would read it to him and cry each time. Tonight when he read it to you I was surprised he was doing so well keeping it together. When the son holds his sick mother, he stopped and got choked up. I don't think he ever thought he would love you THIS much. You are so very special to us.

Tonight we learned that Walker is pooping..YAY.. but that it's not coming out of the stoma. It's coming out before and they think that there's a hole. They are going to follow up with Dr. Naik  tomorrow and see what she says. I really hope she doesn't ruin my birthday and say you need surgery again. You are doing so well.

Day 57: December 24, 2011: Mommy's 27th birthday! Papa's 60th birthday too!

Papa is 60!

Day 58: December 25, 2011: Merry Christmas, Walker! Someone was a very good little boy these past 2 months! You got so many presents from the people who love you! You got: books, toys, blankets and clothes.

Day 59: December 26, 2011: Well sweet thing, the talk about extubating you today is now over. They aren't. You started to have some Brady's before they got there and they want you a 100%. They think it's the position of the tube and not you, so that's positive. I think that too, but was silently hopeful that today would be the day. I cried in the milk bank after finding out the news.

Dr. Pemkamur transitions to research tomorrow and in steps your new doctor, Dr. Rhee.

Mommy's anxiety has fully arrived. All your doctors are leaving us and I'm finding it hard to breathe.

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