Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Days 35-39

Day 35: December 2, 2011- Happy 5 week birthday, Walker! Walker had an ECHO of his heart yesterday and the cardiologist said that his PDA is large. We'll get to that at a later date. The infection is what we are working first and foremost. 

So, the previous hospital took a culture to grow the bacteria in Walker's blood. They told TCH on the 1st that the man in charge was only working from 8-8 and wasn't in and to call the next day. TCH called shortly after 8 and a they have a policy of keeping it for 48-72 hours, so hopefully it will come within the next few days. They are calling for the sensitivity report on the bacteria, to determine which antibiotics will kill it. He is still on antibiotics but they want to make sure they have the right ones. As of last night, they decided to bring in the infectious disease team to analyze Walker and make their own predictions. Walker is now on three antibiotics that they think will work until they get the sensitivity report. 

They also took out the PICC line because he was still testing positive for an infection at TCH and PICC lines are easily infected. He's oxygen was lowered to 28% and as soon as we get rid of this infection, hopefully we can lower the pressure. He seems to be doing better this evening compared to when I came in the morning. He's moving around and opening his eyes unlike the lethargic Walker we were seeing.

R had an absolute fabulous time shopping online for Walker. He picked out outfits from Carter's all by himself during the cyber sales. He didn't even call to ask for sizes. Some of the outfits might never get worn and I've already asked if we could take them back for the correct sizes in which R's response was, "I'll cut the sleeves and legs off if it's too hot". I don't think so, honey.
A man standing on a bridge holding a sign that says, "Jesus loves you" while waving to drivers. I needed this reminder.

Walker is so advanced at sign language. His ugly and mean IV.

Love you too, Little Bird!

Daddy picked this out just for me!

Day 36: December 3, 2011- Walker's baby shower was today. He got so much stuff! Auntie Amber hand painted his letters to match his bedding in his room! They are beautiful! I can't wait for R to hang them. He also got a lot of monogrammed stuff and Momma LOVES things with her name on it and I know he will too!

Walker's PICC line was removed due to it being infected. The infectious disease team came by again and were asking R questions, I was at home getting dressed for the shower. His tummy is funny. They are still concerned and don't have any definite answers. They are stilling watching him for NEC, but is still not showing signs. Thank you Lord!

Walker had his first bath since arriving and as much as he didn't like it, we know he felt a lot better and went to sleep pretty fast after.

Surprisingly, Walker is requiring very little oxygen. Actually, he's at 28% at the highest. They are working on weening him off the pressure. At the previous hospital they were saying that Walker needed to be transferred to an oscillator which they did not have. That was not the case when arriving at TCH.

Right now Walker is showing more characteristics from his Daddy, what did he get from me? Difficult, deep veins. :( Poor baby!

Birth cloths and towel

My little bird!

After the bath. His hair is falling out from sleeping on his left side. It's already growing back though.
Walker's letters laying in his bed. Don't they look great?!

Day 37: December 4, 2011-
R and I got a room at the Ronald McDonald house so we could spend the night close to him. There are two Ronald McDonald houses. One on Holcombe that is the BIG house and then rooms within TCH. Our window was directly across from Walker's.

No big changes for Walker today. They are keeping everything the same and letting him  have a day of rest. Tomorrow they are thinking of stopping one of the three antibiotics, but they'll discuss that tomorrow. 
View from our room.
View from Walker's room.

 "They thought they would be sneaky and try to tape my thumb, but I broke free so I could suck my thumb!"

"Miss Emily gave me this Precious Moments prayer baby. He's now my bed mate!"
"Daddy thought it would be funny to lay him on me. I grabbed him and started to snuggle with him"
Day 38: December 5, 2011- No real changes with Walker, which is good. They are weening him a little more on the vent. The ID team wants to keep him on the three antibiotics for a couple more days and then they'll talk about taking him off one if not two of them. They seem to be working. They are still keeping a close eye on his belly. It's still pretty big. He had some fluids today. They were able to lower the dosage of dopamine but nothing drastic.

When we got there, Walker was so happy to see us. He even gave me a half smile! He was wide awake with his eyes wide opened and looking around.

Miss Emily, who is a NICU nurse at a hospital near by, gave Walker some really good presents at his shower. She gave receiving blankets that the nurses can use to make his bed when he's better and a matching blanket to cover his bed with. She also gave him the Precious Moments praying baby and these disposable cameras to leave at his bed side. I left a little note so the nurses know to take pictures of Walker when we are there.

We walked my parents out and then went to the milk bank to pump. When we got there someone donated little crocheted beanies and ornaments we could write Walker's name on and hang on their Christmas tree. We were so excited and happy!

I think I forgot to mention that they found two different bugs growing and removed his PICC line, which was infected. The PICC line is a central line and is used instead of sticking Walker in multiple places. When we went back to his room, they noticed that the two IVs they have in both arms had blocked off and Walker's left arm was really swollen. The right arm was showing signs of blockage in a small area. They immediately called in some who is really good at putting in lines. (Clearly, I forgot the name of his job). They were able to find a good vein in his head again. They decided to give him some sedation because they were going to put in another PICC line.

Walker's pressure was lowered again today. He's still on about 25-28% oxygen and 26 on the pressure. 

When is the easy train going to pull through Walker-ville? Because we are ready to jump aboard. 

Day 39: December 6, 2011-
We pulled down one of the $5 trees we bought from WalMart the day after Christmas last year. We aren't fake tree people but with our circumstances of always being back and forth between places, we decided this year we would use one of them as our main tree.

Walker's blood count was low so they called for confirmation for giving him a blood transfusion and also platelets. The ID team came in and said that he can be taken off two of the three antibiotics, so that's a good thing. He has had one culture come back negative and needs two more to be taken off antibiotics completely. They are thinking by the 12th that he will be completely off.

Last night they had to shave areas of Walker's scalp to try and find a vein. My poor baby looks like an 80's rocker with his new do. I want to cry. You can really tell how much hair he had. They should've just shaved it all. I'm sorry but it's the little things that upset me, along with the major things.

 Do they look alike or what?

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