Thursday, November 3, 2011

Walker's Life, Birth through Day 4

So I'm behind and this is the easiest way to update without flooding Facebook. I understand that people don't like updates about certain issues or seeing pictures of babies with wires and tubes makes them uncomfortable. Plus, this is Walker's story from the beginning.

Birthday: October 28, 2011- Walker was born! His APGAR scores were 8-9. He had a respirator but was not needing any extra oxygen to help him breathe.

Day 1: October 29, 2011- He continued to do well and was responding to everything. Doctors and nurses were surprised at how well he was doing.
Just lounging around

Day 2: October 30, 2011- His blood count started to go down and they were thinking that today was going to be the day that he would need a blood transfusion. Blood transfusions are common in preemies and we expect Walker to have more before he comes home. He had started to take more deep breaths on his own and they played with the pressure of oxygen. We were discharged from the hospital and it was so very hard to say goodbye to my baby.
He moves so much.

Nurse Stacie made Walker this sign.

Day 3: October 31, 2011- This was a really rough day for me. They said they thought he had a PDA, heart murmur, and went over the procedures to get it solved and even talked about the worst case scenario. My emotions got the best of me and I lost it at his bed side. The PDA was causing pressure on his lungs which they had to increase the oxygen pressure. They also put Walker on blood pressure medicine because it was too low, again, very common in preemies.  This was the night that I got to hold Walker's hand. I went home this night and slept easier. It took 4 days for our boy to take his first step backwards and we were thanking God for giving him strength to stay strong long for so long.
We bought this sock monkey to put in his incubator later on. Walker is about the same size but a little longer.

Day 4: November 1,2011- This day was going to be busy for Walker so we planned to give him his rest and take some time away from the hospital. Day 5 is a big day. The doctors like to keep preemies still for 5 complete days before doing anything to them. They have done research and found that it causes less bleeding in the brain. Walker had an ECHO of his PDA and it turned out to be moderate. They decided they would order the medicine and start later on. We went home and let him rest because after 1 they were going to take off his eye patches, ear phones, and pull his beanie down. When we came back, Walker's nurse was smiling and said "Go look at your baby now!". I cried my eyes out seeing how beautiful my boy was. It was like giving birth all over again. Such a special moment. R and I were in ah of our angel baby. 
Walker with everything removed. I love his face and stare at this picture until I fall asleep at night. Love my little guy!
Walker's Daddy bought me this. He is so good to me and Walker.

We are currently on day 6 and I will blog later after a full day has passed. 

Stay tuned!

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