Sunday, November 6, 2011

Days 5-9

Day 5: November 2, 2011-Walker had a really good day! Day 5 was pretty hard on me as a Momma. It's very hard to watch this little baby fighting so hard to live while we selfishly walk around aimlessly. So Day 6 made R and I very happy. His light was turned off because his jaundice had gone down. I got to change his diaper, Nurse Stacie gave Walker a bath but he hated it so we stopped. He also was weighed and only lost 3 ounces. He was 1 lb 14 oz at birth and was 1 lb 11 oz at his first weigh in. So proud of our boy! He's holding on to everything he has! He is such a fighter!

Day 6: November 3, 2011- Today was such a good day for Walker. R went back to work and I was alone with my boy for the first time. We received the results from him head ultrasound and he had no signs of bleeding in his brain! Praise GOD! This was the major milestone that we needed to get past and we did it. We will have more ultrasounds to check to make sure later on down the line.

Day 8: November 4, 2011- We learned the results of my placenta that Dr. Milner sent in to run tests on. All the nurse practitioner could tell me was that Dr. Milner sent over a copy of the results and that I had a severe infection that was making my placenta inflamed. Thankfully my body kicked into gear and got Walker out before something else could happen. We learn this day that if my body didn't go into preterm labor that our sweet boy would've died in the womb. That's a hard pill for me to swallow. All my blood tests, swabs and exams always came back with a clean bill of health so this is all news to me. I'll be calling Dr. Milner to figure out more. I deal with guilt that I might have done something wrong but honestly, I can't think of anything that I did. I left that night so sad that I could've caused my boy to come early and all the complications that go along with that. God had another plan for Walker and he is such a blessing.

Day 8: November 5, 2011- Walker's jaundice went down so he had his light turned off. We talked with one of his doctors today and he said that the ECHO shows that the PDA is improving. They will keep watching it and making sure that it doesn't open back up, but it can and we'll treat it with another round of Indocin. He has been laying on his side and I think that's how he was inside of me. It's sad because I don't remember being pregnant or feeling him. Breaks my heart. I'm so ready for him to be all better but I know it's a slow process. Dr. Patel said we would start feeding sometime next week. I'm so excited, I know our boy will do well with feeding. I've been pumping like crazy because it's what is best for Walker. This night was hard for R. Walker was fighting going to sleep and he was crying a lot. Yes, he cries. No, we can't hear him because the tube in his mouth. We know he's crying because the face that he makes and his eyes turn red and get misty. It's the saddest thing in the world. When he cries we cup his head or place our hands on his stomach. He calms down. Before we left we covered his bed with his blanket and I peeked in a couple of times and his eyes were closed. He's the best thing in this world. Tonight they took his beanie all the way off and we got to see all of him. He's simply beautiful. His skin is looking really good and his hair is beautiful. I can't wait to hold him. Walker had his Aunt Jessie and Uncle Louie visit him today. Remember that sock monkey from the previous post? Yeah, well, tonight we were able to put it in his bed and it freaked him out! We decided never to put that back in.
* R forgot my phone at home and when we arrived our sweet boy was picture ready. We were both upset. Walker's social security card was mailed today!

Day 9: November 6, 2011- Walker had 2 lines taken out of his belly button today. He had an arterial and PICC line placed in his left leg and left arm. He looks like he has a broken wing and splint on his leg. I hate Sundays. They are horrible, horrible days. We leave the hospital early so that we can get some rest and recharge for the week. R will return back to his normal schedule and this week I will be starting a new routine myself. Leaving my baby so I can get some rest is hard and I feel very selfish. Walker is exhausted tonight from being poked and prodded and needs his rest too. My sweet boy has been here with us for 10 days and I'm just wishing things would be easier on all of us. I have to keep telling myself that this is what he needs to be able to come home with us in a couple of months. An exciting milestone to look forward to is that he will start breast milk this week. We are praying that he takes to feeding well but since his digestive system and tummy aren't fully developed, it could take time. The sooner he gains some weight the better things will be.

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