Saturday, November 26, 2011

Days 25-29

Day 25: November 22, 2011- Today, Walker is still going digesting on and off again 6 cc. I think it's because you are full and 6 cc every 3 hours is too much for you. But for some reason at night you LOVE your food! The doctors keep telling us, "We really need to get him off the vent". In which, we silently say in our head, "No shit". But there isn't anything that we can do for you, YOU have to be ready. So that comment has become old and irritating. One more time and Mommy just might blow! Last night we started telling you sweetly, "You've had your break, now show these doctors and nurses what you can do. No more breaks, only hard work". We'll see how that goes. Dr. Bedi has stopped your feedings for 24 hours to let your belly rest. We think it's because he has an idea of some sort.I forgot to mention that you are maintaining your own body heat now and you are not being monitored anymore. No more shiny bears or ducks on your tummy or back! We were at Target last night and Mommy had an itch to buy you something sweet. I found 2 little outfits and one of those Aunt Nancy's friend already bought you so I bought the other. Who knew stores were prejudice to preemies! Mommy will find you some more cute outfits, don't you worry!
Someone is trying to break free from his breathing tube so they had to tape him up!

When we talk to him, he hunches his back and raises his booty in the air. I tried to get it but he only did it a little this time.
Pumping is a game for me.

I'm running out of freezer space.
Walker's clothes in relation to a spatula! He's almost as big as this.

Day 26: November 23, 2011- Big boy left his Nurse Alice (LOVE HER!) a BIG surprise this morning! A big poopy diaper! Walker is very comfortable at his setting of 25 on the vent. Tonight we had the meeting with Dr. Bedi. What a nice guy. He explained three different treatments with surgery being the treatment. Right now he has you doing Lasix two times a day for three days to try to dry out Walker's lungs. By Sunday we will know if he will be transferring to Clear Lake for surgery. Prayers that it works!
Our little bird LOVES this position.

Day 27: November 24, 2011- Happy Turkey Day to my Little Turkey Bird! I came to see you this afternoon and you were not in a very good mood. Desating and over-sating when the nurses touch you. Some days you do NOT like being touched. We went back tonight to see you and you are still being very sensitive. Mommy tried to read you a Thanksgiving story, both in the afternoon and tonight, and you were NOT having it. They lowered your BPM to 10. Let's see how you like that. When they flip flop you on and off feedings you have a hard time getting use to the food. You were off and started back tonight; you aren't enjoying it. That's okay Little Bird, that's okay.
He's so funny! He always has his hand under his chin like this.

I sent this to R and said "Peek a Boo Daddy!"

Day 28: November 25, 2011- Happy 4 Week Birthday, Walker! You are currently weighing in at 2 pounds 10 ounces and 13.8 inches long! You go big boy! Your vent setting is still at 10, going on about 12+ hours. Dr. Bedi says it's time. NNP Dana will be extubating you in the morning. Tonight, Dana let Mommy hold you! Such a beautiful night for Mommy and Daddy. Dana has been my favorite since day 1 and I was so happy to share that moment with her and Nurse Siby and Daddy of course! Last week, Mommy and Daddy did some bargaining with you, God and all the angels that watch over you when we aren't there. We said that if you worked really, really hard that Mommy would get to hold you close and we could snuggle and I would kiss all over you. Even Daddy would kiss all over you too. All before Thanksgiving. And low and behold, a day after, Mommy got to hold you close and we snuggled and Mommy and Daddy kissed all over you. Daddy kissed your sweet baby fingers and said, "God, I've been dying to do that!". I think right then and there in those moments with you, we both melted.
Right after being placed in my arms.

Where my bottom hand ends, is how long Walker is.

My Little Bird fits perfectly.

Day 29: November 26, 2011-Big Boy is trying out the CPAP again. They are still assisting with a few breaths and will ween him off of that. NNP Dana asked us last night to bring a camera up to take pictures of his face when everything was off. When Walker self-extubated there wasn't enough time or a camera and NNP Dana said he had the cutest little face and made everyone come over to look. So this time we were prepared. Such a great idea Dana! She took some great photos! Walker is up to 7 cc on his feedings.

Angry bird!


Mr. Cool Guy!

NNP Dana closing my mouth so Mommy and Daddy could see what my face looks like without all the stuff!

Chipmunk cheeks!
Our first family photo!


Jessica said...

I sure do love y'alls little bird and looking at all his pics!

Ashley said...

He is so darn cute!!!!! Love the pictures! The first time finally holding them is so special!