Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Walker's First Camping Trip

Walker went on his first family "camping" trip. My family calls camping, staying in a cabin and cooking on the BBQ pit. A total shock to R when he first went camping with us. I, myself, have really camped before and we plan to camp with Walker later in life. Right now our little ball of energy needs air condition and a place to take a bath.

We stay at this great place when I spent most of summers growing up. Walker's Auntie A and I would get dropped off at my grandparent's house and we would spend a week going to Schlitterbahn and The Summit. I'm so excited to break Walker in and begin making our own family memories there. It's a great campsite with a lot of amenities.

We drove up on a Thursday and  of course had to make the most important stop first; Buccee's!
Crappy picture but look how cute he is!
We went to Gruene for dinner. Gruene River Grill is super delicious. I love the town of Gruene.
Walker, Adam, Isabella and Aunt Sissy.

"I'm teething"
After dinner we walked around the streets of Gruene and stopped for ice cream in the General Store.
Who's watching these kids?!


"Uhm, I'm getting off now."

Pretty typical picture. Isabella in charge and controlling the boys. 

Wild Walker!

He wants his own picture!


The Emerys

He hates hats.
We spent the rest of our trip as a family at The Summit. We did a lot of swimming and hanging out on the porch.
Walker and his flotation device.

"Put the sunscreen on me. Don't miss a spot"

Flotation device and snack holder!
A lot of cousin time was spent playing and making memories.

What a rascal!

Raiding the fridge

A camping trip is never complete without the making of s'mores.
The perfect s'more

He loves the marshmallow part. 

Tasting for goodness!

A second bite to make sure.


My sister and I wanted some sister time to watch tv and left Nana in charge of the kids. She claimed Walker kept trying to walk off the stairs and put him inside with us. He was very, very sad.

Look at that face! Poor baby! 

 So we decided to go outside and found the other two kids at their cabin playing alone. Great job watching the kids, Mom!
No supervision! 
Walker and I have been catching up on our rest the past two days. He woke up Monday morning very sad that he wasn't able to walk outside and play with his cousins. He cried and cried and cried.

We already have plans to head back to The Summit late summer and we can't wait. We all miss being in the Hill Country. 

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