Friday, June 28, 2013

20 Months

Walker had his 18m well baby visit a little later than 18m. He celebrates his 20m birthday today and went for a visit.

Typically a visit goes something like this: Is Walker doing this? No. Can he do this? No. Can he say this? No. Today was different. Can Walker say 7-10 words? Yes! Is he walking? Yes! Does he know 2 different body parts? Yes! If you point to something across the room does he go and get it? Yes!

He weighs 23.11 pounds, 31 and some inches tall, and he finished up his Hep A vaccine and didn't even cry.

We had a great visit with the doctor. Dr. A thought Walker was doing wonderfully and is right on track with his peers that he decided it was time to take off DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS from his chart! Yippee! That is such a HUGE milestone! Walker is on the short side on the chart and in the middle for his weight.

I never knew what to expect on this ride with Walker. Yes, he has a cousin close in age but when they are little like this, a 6 month age difference is huge. It was hard to compare Walker to anyone because we didn't know anyone that was close in age. And we really don't like comparing Walker to anyone. He's very different. We knew that when all his peers were leaving the NICU and dropping machines and medicine and Walker was just "chilling" hanging out with all the pretty nurses and smart doctors.

Walker can say: Momma, Dada, Tie, Papa, Cracker, Uh-Oh, Bye-Bye, Go Outside, Ow (for when he get hurts), Yeah, Yay, Mmm, Hi and Hot. I think I got all of them in there.

Walker knows these body parts: hair, teeth, and toes.

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