Sunday, May 26, 2013

Look What I Bought Today

The Flintstones vitamin are for Walker. R has always taken vitamins and is rarely sick so we decided to start Walker on some.

The other stuff is for me. I had an appointment with a new OB and we went over everything. I was so nervous about not forgetting to mention everything I wanted to talk about that I barely slept that night. Walker was super excited about going to the hospital so he didn't sleep well either.

Dr. I and I discussed everything. We talked about getting pregnant with Walker, my pregnancy, things I did before going into preterm labor (PTL), delivery, and Walker's 6 month NICU stay. I really liked him. Somehow we started talking Jimmy Kimmel and his skit the other night "Baby Bachelor". That's how easy he was to talk to. Our personalities clicked and I honestly felt like I was talking to a male doctor friend. I really, really liked him. His office is in the new Pavilion for Women at Texas Children's Hospital. I needed to have all my ducks in a row this time.

So we discussed getting pregnant again and we have a plan set in motion.We talked about how I would be considered high risk and would be getting weekly progesterone shots from week 16-36 weeks while pregnant. We went over everything. Now is the part of my body responding to Clomid again and everything working itself out in that department. That doesn't mean that I will be announcing a pregnancy in the next month of two but hopefully soon after.

We were super cautious when I was pregnant with Walker. We didn't tell anyone but close family until around 8 weeks, I announced on my Facebook page at 12 weeks because that's the "safe zone" (or so I thought); I did every thing right. This time things might be different. It's so easy to say that we will be open and "free" this time but, honestly, we don't know.

Our journey to get pregnant is not simple and this time we have a lot of emotion baggage filled with "what ifs". Be patient with us. 

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