Tuesday, May 28, 2013

19 Months!

HOLY MOLY! How are we so close to 2 years old?!

Walker is getting so big. I'm pretty sure he learns something new every day. I very rarely forget to praise God for all Walker's new achievements!

So what's been up with our baby? He's walking, talking, climbing, using a fork, can scribble with a crayon, picking up his toys, knows "Patty Cake" and "If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands" his receptive language is outstanding, and he loves the dogs more and more.

Words: cracker, pancake, Papa, Dad, Tie Tie, Moe-Ma (momma), hi, bye bye, tickle tickle, go outside, kennel, and uh oh. I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting. His little voice melts my heart. The NICU doctors and pediatrician all remind you that he could be hoarse from the extended use of the vent tube and vocal cord paralysis. So you prepare yourself. There was a time when Walker did sound like he would have a hoarse voice but I don't hear it anymore.

Walking- he picked up on fast. He can walk backwards, spin in circles and he has been trying to jump (which is pretty damn cute!). He can jump on couches, chairs, bodies, and beds. He loves stairs and climbing to the very top and it freaks us out.

Using a fork- this was more of a problem for me. I had given him a spoon and fork before but he would use it at the end of the meal and he would make a mess. This was more a "me thing" and letting him find his way. He can now use a spoon correctly and puts food on the fork and then brings it to his mouth.

Using a crayon- This was another "me thing". I was tired of picking wax off of his teeth. He loved putting crayons in his mouth and eating them. He has since learned to scribble on paper and then takes a small nibble, just for a bite.

Picking up his toys: The other day I was telling Walker we were going to go night night and the next thing I know he is picking up his Easter bucket and putting small toys inside and putting it in the cubby space. I was a proud Momma!

Receptive language- When I ask Walker to get his drink he'll walk to wherever he left it and bring it to me. He can find his paci when asked. He knows when I say, "let's go let Tie Tie out", to go to the dog's kennel and then walk to the backdoor. "Let's go night night", and Walker heads to his room. Every morning I pick him up from his bed and tell him to throw his pacis in the bed, and he does. He knows how to "brush his hair" and when we say "let's brush your teeth" he opens his mouth.

Walker loves the dogs. He loves following them to the food bowl and then running to watch Tie eat his food in another room. It's a back and forth thing. Every time he hears the dogs regardless of who it is, he yells, "YIE YIE?!"

Walker is growing up so fast. I think the growth from 1-2 years is such a big change. He is no longer a baby.  He no longer needs Momma to snuggle with to fall asleep. Well, some nights he still does but I think he likes our bed and all my pillows I sleep with.

He has a mind of his own and such a strong-willed little boy. He does things on his own time and in his own way. He doesn't like help and gets frustrated when he can't do things himself. He is a daredevil and is scared of the most non scary things. He'll happily play in a dark room with scary noises and giggle and laugh. We know this because we try to scare him from going into places he shouldn't be. He doesn't care. He likes the adventure. He never leaves a place without making a friend. He begs for busboys and waiters to pick him up. He watches intently at kids crying or throwing fits. He is a calm natured baby and rarely whines, cries or throws fits.
I'm so proud to be his mom. 

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