Thursday, May 9, 2013

Catching up

Walker is so funny! He has such a little stubborn personality and has to do things his way. In the picture below our neighbor was chasing his two dachshunds down the street. One of the dogs was brown like our Tie Bear and Walker was standing there watching him run up and down the street saying, "YIE? YIE YIE?" He was confused. 

Washing away the craziness.

Walker turns on the baby when his dad is around. The picture below is proof. He never lets me hold him like a baby but he knows his dad treats him like he's a little baby and Walker allows him too.

Walker loves to be outside. I open the back door and he'll play on the back patio all day long. He doesn't go off of the concrete. He watches the dogs run and bark and just enjoys himself. 

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