Thursday, May 9, 2013

1 Year Homecoming Anniversary

April 17, 2013

Wow! Our sweet little Walker has been home for a whole year. The NICU rollercoaster has become a distant memory to us. While the experience is still fresh, looking back at pictures really takes us back to that time. I'm so glad that I took pictures every day. Even on the bad days when we wanted to forget.

A lot has happened in the one year Walker has been home. He came home with a port and was hooked up to TPN/Omegaven for 3 months and R made sure to fatten him up and keep him constantly gaining weight so we could take the port out. Oh gosh! And the home nurse! Good grief! I'm so glad we are finished with her.

Walker hit all of his milestones at home and I'm proud to say that I have witnessed every one. (Even if my mom thinks she saw things first).

We have soaked up every little piece of this year. As I write about the first year at home I'm flooded with emotions. Walker is a 25 week miracle. Not just because he lived, but because there could have been many things go wrong. R and I fully relied on our faith during those gruesome months in the hospital. Sometimes we would lay in bed and ask each other, "what should we do?". We never really said it to each other but we prayed those nights and by morning our hearts would lead us to what we thought were the right decisions for Walker.

He is our pride and joy and we thank God every day for blessing us with Walker.

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