Sunday, September 30, 2012

Go Texans!

Our little family are huge Houston Texans fans. We saw this 24 month Matt Schaub jersey for Walker when we were out one day and thought he it might be big for him this year. Wrong! It's a little big in the arms but it fits everywhere else. Walker looked so cute and got so many compliments at James Coney Island and  the grocery store.

When it comes to eating we are pretty lenient with Walker. If he shows interest in any of our food, we let him try it. So far his favorites are beef sticks, turkey sticks, pork chops, and we let him try chili this weekend.  He really likes meat! His tummy doesn't seem to mind at all either.
Trying out the chili!

He liked it!
He wants more.

Papa and Walker in their jerseys! 

New trick! Holding his own bottle! 
Walker just started holding his bottle himself out of the blue. My mom nonchalantly told me that while we she was watching him Saturday night that he rolled from back to belly. That was a first but since we, R and me, didn't see it it doesn't count. 

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