Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Changes around here

R's work schedule changed this week and we are adjusting. Today is the first day and it has been okay. Instead of R leaving really early in the morning and getting to spend time with Walker at night, he is now leaving later in the mornings when Walker is waking up and getting home after he is asleep for the night. We'll see how this is going to go when R gets home in a little bit. Walker was already looking around for his Daddy during bath time.

Walker loves his Daddy. He somehow knows when it is time for R to be off for the weekend and each day leading up to the weekend, Walker sleeps less and less. R and Walker spend quality time together on the weekends while I get to sleep in. Walker needs it, R needs and I need it. He refuses to sleep when R is home and rarely naps. We usually spend Monday sleeping all day. Which is good for me so I can get laundry done and pick up from the mess of the weekend.

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