Saturday, September 15, 2012

Museum District Day

This weekend our city had a museum district day. All 19 museums were free to the public and we gladly took advantage of today. Walker and I had been cooped up for days fighting and nursing our colds together, we needed some sunshine.

We started out at the Weather Museum and upon walking in the door, a camera was shoved in our faces. It turned out to be my FAVORITE local news station. That's right, we made the news! Signing pictures was one of my favorite news anchor and I was star struck. My husband said that he had never seen me that giddy before and thought it was hilarious. I'm guessing my reaction to see her was like when I met Owen Daniels. Swoon!

We then made our way down the street to the Health Museum. That place is really awesome! I think we should've gone there during the NICU stay when we were trying to visualize organs and such.

We ended our day at the Holocaust Museum, I believe it is free any day but the rest of the museums and streets of Houston were filled with people.

We came home and took a family night together. It was an amazing family day!

Walkie is an elephant!

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