Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Life Lately

My life lately has been filled with lots of Walker and Mommy time. He's slipped in to this "I need to be with my Mommy every second of the day no matter what time of the day and night". And I'm not kidding with the no matter the time or day. Sometimes Walker wakes up at 3 am and just wants to see my face and get some snuggles.
Sunday night

Monday night

"That Daddy guy better get out of my face with that camera"

Tuesday Night

"If Daddy doesn't leave our room, I'm going to scream!"

Wednesday night

"I'll just look at Mommy until I fall asleep"

Thursday nap time

When we are in bed together, he gets really upset when R comes in the room. You think he's asleep and then BAM! He can hear R and starts making this uncomfortable grunting noise. R walks out, and Walker is back to sleeping. It's funny. I think it's because he's still not feeling 100% from the cold we keep giving to one another.

And I love it!

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