Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Walker Stalker Cookers

Do you see this? Do you see this? I LOVE THIS!!

I have AMAZING friends! Okay, we, we have amazing friends! Walker is so lucky and he doesn't even know it yet.

My friend J put all this together. Every other Tuesday all my girlfriends meet at a specific location and drop off the food, then someone brings it to our house. Check out what they brought!

There is a bunch of different stuff: chili, chicken spaghetti, chicken and dumplings, king ranch chicken, spaghetti, BBQ baked potato casserole, Mexican casserole, cookies, Wanda Sue's famous cookie dough, spaghetti bake, taco soup, and this concoction that K whipped up. I know I'm forgetting something.

 And my sister in law Julie made us her delicious lasagna and dropped it off with R on his way home!

And this my friends, is a VERY happy husband. So happy that he said, "I'm in heaven right now!"
We could not say thank you enough to all of you! We love you so much and thank you for thinking of us!

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