Monday, February 20, 2012

Days 110-114

Day 110: Wednesday, February 15, 2012- Surgery day! Walker was so sleepy today, like, he wouldn't open an eye. Very un-Walker like. He finally started to wake up when they were taking him back and I felt so bad for my little bird.
Please excuse me. I didn't sleep the night before and was very tired, strung out, flustered and nervous.

"Kiss my feet, please"

"I'm 18 inches long!"
 Of course Walker got bumped for an emergency surgery and he didn't go back until 5ish.

"What's everyone doing around my bed?"

"Okay, I'm ready to be picked up!

"We're going for a ride? COOL!"

"Bye Mommy and Daddy!"
 Surgery started at 5:27 p.m. and I got a call at 8:46 from Nurse Michelle saying that surgery was looking for me. Scared the crap out of me! They were finished with the surgery and wanted to know where to update us.

When a patient comes back to surgery, it's amazing all the team work that goes into play. Nurses get in contact precaution-wear and just start getting the patient comfortable; without asking if the nurse needs help. There are tons of people that come and make sure the patient is comfortable and that everything is going smoothly and to assess the patient.

 Dr. Jen Arnold was the on call doctor last night. Yes, the cameras were there and it's annoying. She travels with like 10 people and a camera with BRIGHT lights. Thankfully, when we were talking about Walker cameras weren't there.  As much as you say you would love to be on TV, you don't want a sensitive time like that to be shown.

Walker came out looking fantastic, especially since the last time I could barely look at him.  He is intubated because stomach surgery is pretty painful and he's on different pain meds. Pain meds make your respiratory system slow down so the intubation is for his comfort. And whatever that boy wants, Mommy will DEMAND he gets.

Day 111: Thursday, February 16, 2012-Walker is looking good today. His oxygen levels are between 21-25 % oxygen; which is room air. His morphine was switched from 3 to 4 hours a part. He is swollen but he still looks good! He started to stir around and open his eyes when he heard our voices.

Nurse Cory is taking very good care of him. Nurse Courtney rearranged her schedule to be with him yesterday and won't be back until next week. Nurse Cory came to see Walker on Sunday and said she would pray for him and in which, I said, "If Courtney isn't here, PLEASE get Walker". There's this one nurse on the row and I don't like her. She's....not nice. Yesterday, when Walker was walking out the doors we passed Cory and she said that she would try really hard to get him and she DID!

Today I came back from the milk bank and found out we had a little gift left for us. It is from Emma's Hugs ( The left a little note about their charity and on the back we were given a parking token with $115 already applied. I had chills and tears were brought to my eyes. We've have come across amazing people on this journey. We could NEVER say thank you enough or show our gratitude for everything that all of you have done for us.

We just pay it forward any way we can and thank God for each of you!

Day 112: Friday, February 17, 2012- Happy 16 week birthday, Walker! Walker's corrected age is 7 days old.

What a way to start his weekly birthday. Walker had his PICC line removed from his right arm because it had slipped out of place, which, what the hell, that is so hard to do; and is now being replaced somewhere else. He's also having his breathing tube replaced.
UPDATE: the reason the PICC line had moved was because Walker has grown so much!

The fellow forgot to mention to R that last night Walker was put on dopamine for his blood pressure. She's great but she has this issue with control. She's always on the phone or fast pace walking somewhere. She's called me at 2 in the morning before to let me know that they had stopped feedings. So when I questioned why she hadn't told us, she said that there was no reason to call and freak us out in the middle of the night. Well, I'm not a happy Momma when I show up and learn that something has been started that I have no clue about.

His nurse, Bridget, sucked today. I don't like her and R told me I couldn't tell the nurse manager that she could NEVER work with my child again. He's so uptight. She told us when we arrived, "He's been keeping us busy all day". Um, excuse me? Aren't you getting paid for this? If you hate your job so much, move on. If she's there tomorrow, R will just have to be mad at me because I can't stand her.

I've decided to not take pictures of Walker until his swelling has gone down. Walker is in a ton of pain and it's not fair to him to have pictures taken of this painful time.

He is still very sweet and tries to open his eyes and move when he hears Momma and Daddy. He tries to lift his foot so Daddy can kiss his toes, but it's evident it hurts him. And that hurts us. We keep reminding ourselves that this time will past in a couple of days he'll be back to our sweet, funny, loving Walkies.

The actually weighed Walker tonight and he weighed 2,865 grams. That's 6 pounds 5 ounces. Poor baby. He has gained an entire pound of fluids and you can tell is uncomfortable. 

Day 113: Saturday, February 18, 2012- Walker is down on  his vent pressures,  his oxygen levels are low at anywhere between 22-25%. Today they were able to lower his dopamine, blood pressure medicine. They have also lowered his morphine dosage. Hopefully in a couple of days he will be off the vent.

Since they lowered the morphine, Walker has been more active and awake. It's great to see him but it's hard seeing your baby in pain. We can't really talk to him or touch him because he knows us and knows that we should be holding him. It's very sad. I just keep telling myself only a couple more days, just a couple more days.

Today, Walker's stomach around his incision has begun to look red. For precautionary reasons, he was started on two antibiotics. Better safe than sorry!

Tonight Walker is weighing in at 2,825 grams. He's 10 grams away from 6 pounds 4 ounces. They gave him a round of lasix that will help relieve some of the fluids.

Day 114: Sunday, February 19, 2012- Walker is completely off of dopamine! YAY! His morphine was dropped again and will most likely be dropped again tomorrow. His incision area is looking better today. Supposedly, the surgeons were picking and pushing and doing a number on his tummy. He didn't like that.

Walker is weighing 2,950 grams. That's 6 pounds 8 ounces. His 47.2 centimeters.

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