Sunday, January 15, 2012

Days 75-79

Day 75: Wednesday, January 11, 2012- So, the doctors don't think that Walker has an infection. They think he might have been tired so they are running some blood tests. Nothing is showing up alarming or high that would lead them to think it is an infection. So, we'll see. They are trying to ween him off of the nasal cannula because nurses have mentioned that they have taken the cannulas off and he's been sating fine. Which is true, but we think he's too tired and likes what he is on. He is on 150 cc of oxygen. Not bad. They've been able to lower him to 125 but he has a lot of A's &  B's. Finally, Dr. Rhee said to leave him alone at 150.

I'm not too sure how I feel about Dr. Rhee. I've always been an over-analyzer and the other day he said something that I could've well over-analyzed. R met him for the first time and we were discussing feeds and surgery and he said, "We have time. You guys just be parents. Be here with him, read to him...just be his parents". Later on I told R, "What the hell is that suppose to mean? What does he think we've been doing?". So he's somewhere in between my love and shit list. His team however, are on my shit list. They are horrible. They never call to update. I heard them reviewing Walker today and the guy kept calling him a "she". There's a sign that is at all baby's beds that  states their last name and sex, Walker's sign clearly says Emery BABYBOY. Sometimes I want to pull his diaper off and shout, "He's ALL boy!".

I went today because R is very tired. I don't know if you remember or not but my husband is pretty strict on bedtimes and has been going strong for almost three months. We don't get home til pretty late each night and then he wakes up to go to work with little sleep.

I got some alone time with my boy and I have to say, it was really hard to leave him.

Last night Walker weighed 3 pounds 12 ounces. 

I love this OH face he makes!

His smile is contagious and fills our hearts!

Look at his pretty hair.

This is how he sits when I hold him. He's wrapped up, don't worry. I unwrap him just to see and touch all of him

Just relaxing in my bed and sucking my thumb.

Our precious baby!

Day 76: Thursday, January 12, 2012- Since we didn't go last night to see Walker, I was dying this morning to go see him. I'm really loving Mommy and Me time. Just the two of us.

Walker is rooting! Since he is NPO, nothing by mouth, when he would root I would give him my finger. You would had thought he was getting the good stuff! He started stroking his hair by his ear and falling asleep. I would start to pull my finger out and he would get fussy and start moving around. He's going to be a champ with breast feeding, I know it!

Last night they took him off this really big antibiotic and put him back on these other two because he was starting to look like he was coming around. Today, he was crying when Nurse Courtney was messing with him, which is a good sign and let's us know he's feeling better.

WE HAVE A 4 POUNDER!! Walker finally made it out of 3 pounds and we are SUPER excited! Such a great night!

He thinks I have a voice of an angel!

Day 77: Friday, January 13, 2012- Happy 11 week birthday, Walker! Walker's gestational alert is 36 weeks.

"These are my fingers, huh?"

My Daddy is such a meanie!

Day 78: Saturday, January 14, 2012- Walker is up to 4 pounds 3 ounces, 1890 grams. He is a hair shy away from being 17 inches long. He's a growing boy! Now I'm regretting all those preemie clothes. Crap!
Okay sleepy baby, it's time for a bath.

"Don't ever wake me up for a bath again!!"

Tonight, Daddy gave Walker a bath for the first time. He did a good job too! Walker really loves bath time and when he gets scratched, rubbed, massaged or scrubbed on his back. I didn't get any pictures because I was assisting. R is so worried about hurting or breaking Walker.

That bath wasn't so bad.
Day 79: Sunday, January 15, 2012- Dr. Premkamur came to see Walker today. He's the doctor on call tonight and it was SO good seeing him! We miss you Dr. Premkamur, A LOT!! I had a talk with Walker and let him know that if something is going to wrong, it needs to be tonight so Dr. Premkamur can assess.

No changes for Walker today. I recently became obsessed with Wubbanub's after a Bump friend had her baby, and I HAD to get Walker one. I looked online and I can't wait for it to shipping to me so I was lucky to find out that the gift shop sells them. We got Walker a lamb. It's too cute and he LOVES it! Another plus side, it's a regular newborn size nipple and he took to it like a champ!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

"Oh, what's this?"
"I'm watching you, Lamb"

He sleeps like a little angel that he is!

"Hims my friend"

UPDATE: I forgot to add the steal we got today. I went to Babies R Us tonight thinking I was going to buy a bumbo. I have $30 of BRU bucks so I was prepared to spend, plus some left over change on a couple gift cards. Walking past their clearance I spotted a high chair that was originally $139.99 on sale for $119 with an additional 30% off. SOLD! It came out to $84 and with all my coupons and deals, we purchased Mr. Walker's high chair for the low low price of $40 total!

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