Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Days 70-74

Day 70: Friday, January 6, 2012: Happy 10 week birthday, Walker! You are in the double digits, WHAT!!

Today you went back to radiology to fget your tube put in and they couldn't get pass your blockage. Sad face. They are letting you rest the weekend and will discuss starting small, continuous feeds next week. The radiology people didn't even sedate you. They said you were the best patient and they've never seen a baby act so calm and still.

You are SO very precious! Everyone loves you!

R and I have been wondering about his primary nurse, Courtney. She hasn't been here lately and we know Walker has been messing her. Tonight when we arrived, we learned she was on duty but wasn't Walker's nurse. I'm not too sure what's going on with that. Tonight he had a traveling nurse and I was bit weary about her. I made sure to tell Nurse Esther to watch over you.

We LOVE Nurse Esther! She prepped and was Walker's nurse the night of his surgery and she very clean and takes care of business. She loves him too. She was off for four days and came over to see Walker and took over his nurse's duties. She told Nurse Nancy, "I've been gone for four days and I've missed Walker. I want to hold him.". Nothing makes us more comfortable with leaving him every night then having a nurse who clearly loves our boy. I know this sounds very strange but I'm tempted to ask the surgeons to plan around Nurse Courtney and Nurse Esther's schedule when they schedule his upcoming surgery. They are the only ones I want taking care of him after a big thing like that.

Walker loves to be held now. He was crying and was cranky when R arrived, I was pumping. He wouldn't stop for anything. Until I held him. He's such a tootie! I love him.

I laugh when he cries. Hearing your baby for the first time after 2 months, I always want to hear more.

LOVES his pacifier

Tonight I put Walker's swing together all by myself. I turned it on for R and I and we listened to the music and started falling asleep. Can't wait to put my little man in it! I wish I could get in it.

It has birds hanging from the top! My Little Snugabunny!

Day 71: Saturday, January 7, 2012: The Texans are playing their first ever playoff in history! We are so excited. I love Owen Daniels #81! So much that I asked R if we could use the name Owen Daniels as our boy name. He responded quickly with a "Hell no". Shucks! We are HUGE Texans fans. Today when we went to see Walker we grabbed his burp cloth from Krista and his football from Andy to take pictures with. In the picture you can see my Texans shirt and on the back it says "Daniels and 81". I know that he has done some humanitarian work at TCH but in the older units and I would absolutely LOVE for a private appearance and a picture of him holding Walker. Dr. Keaney and I discussed this before.

He is now doing this thing with his tongue where he has it out all the time. And sometimes when we talk to him he starts moving his lips real fast like he's responding to us. SO FUNNY!

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: We have a SERIOUS Momma's boy on our hands. When Walker sees me or hears my voice he starts crying and thrashing himself around. He might be little but he is so strong!

Nurse Courtney is back! YAY! She was out with strep throat. I told her we started to worry and were about to hunt her down. I'm not kidding. Walker needed her back.  When she took him from my arms, Walker immediately began crying and didn't stop for a while. I had to go pump and R stayed with him. When I came back, he was sleeping and then I started talking and cue tantrum. Love that baby!

Look how cute I am with my mouth closed!
Good news: Nurse Esther said that she would sign up to be Walker's primary nighttime nurse. That's a huge relief. She is fantastic!

Last night Walker weighed in at 3 pounds 11 ounces!

Day 72: Sunday, January 8, 2012: Walker is ROP free! The avastin injections worked! Dr. Steinkuller will continue with the weekly eye exams but he said Walker looked "Fantastic!". YAY!!

Day 73: Monday, January 9, 2012: Walker is on NASAL CANNULA!! HOORAY!

Walker's liver enzyme count is lower so that means the omegaven is working! Surgeons have suggested letting his gut rest for this week and maybe try a small, continuous amount of feeds next week. I'm not trying to sound pessimistic but I don't think he'll start eating until after the surgery. Also, Dr. Rhee said he hasn't talked with surgery yet (since it's a month away), but he kind of seemed to think they would do two surgeries. One to connect the intestines back together and then another one to remove the blockage. Hopefully Dr. Naik will only do one. I don't want him to have two surgeries. 

I can find my mouth!

I couldn't pick just one, so I gave you all a couple to look at!

Day 74: Tuesday, January 10, 2012: Seems as though the doctors think Mr. Walker is ready to be weened off the nasal cannula. He's taking to it very well. We could very well show up tonight and see a bare face. Well, besides the replogle.

They lowered his oxygen pretty low but he started have a lot of A's & B's so they bumped him up. His primary, Nurse Courtney seems to think he might have an infection. She said he was acting lethargic so they put him on some antibiotics. I guess we'll just see. 

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