Friday, January 6, 2012

Days 65-69

Day 65: Sunday, January 1, 2012- Happy New Year, Walker! This is just the start for us! You will have a fabulous year, I just know it!

We skipped another night because I'm still not feeling 100% and R has a sore throat. Walker is still on CPAP but is on room air and we don't want to get him sick. Room air is 21% and that is what you and I breathe.

Tonight at 6 pm, they increased his feeds to 15 cc; that's half an ounce. We're making progress! Our little bird was having some issues gaining weight because they were lowering his TPN and trying to increase his feeds and was having trouble evening out. He is now weighing 3 pounds 6 ounces.

We call all the time since we are unable to go. All. The. Time. So much that the last time I called, 5 minutes ago, she said: "When was the last time you called?". She was trying to see if there were any changes. I think it's funny.

Walker is measured every Sunday and today he is 16.5 inches long! Long and slim!

Day 66: Monday, January 2, 2012- You are having a feeding intolerance kind of day today. Or so say the new doctors. Who by the way, don't call like Dr. Keaney did and let me know when things change or what's going on. I don't appreciate that all too much. Come back, Dr. Keaney!! Okay enough, I know...

He's up to 15 cc and they had to hold two of his feedings last night and one this morning. They hold the feedings if he has more than half when they pull his residuals. When I say hold what I mean is, they check how much was left in his stomach. If they can tell that the it looks like it was starting to digest they call the doctors and most of the time they put it back in. This afternoon they put him on a drop that was an hour instead of thirty minutes. This happens in preemies. Sometimes they just need more time. 

Walker has ROP (retinopathy prematurity). It's been at mild/moderate but it's to the point now where we need to decide on a treatment to prevent it from progressing. We've decided to forgo laser surgery, where he would be put under, in a operating room and lose his peripheral vision. We choose to have both eyes injected with Avastin at the bedside. He will have that tomorrow.

So, unfortunately, at the 9 o'clock feed, Walker had a lot of residuals so the nurse contacted the doctor and they decided to lower his feeds to 11 cc and get an x-ray. When we called at 10 the doctor had not contacted the nurse.

I usually have a gut instinct about things and my gut is just saying that the feeds were increasing too fast. Walker is stubborn like his Momma...and Daddy!

Day 67: Tuesday, January 3, 2012- I got a phone this morning at 1 am saying that feeds had been completely stopped and that Walker was receiving TPN to fulfill his nutrition needs. The residuals were coming out too high and they ordered an x-ray to look at his stomach. There's not air in the gut so they think he has a blockage or another hole. Needless to say, I've gotten little sleep filled with horrible dreams. Please, God, don't let it be another hole or blockage. Let it be a feeding intolerance. I can handle that.

I called at 3 for an update and Walker is getting his eye procedure so I'll have to wait to hear if he's had his upper GI yet. What a horrible day for a special little baby.

This is NOT how I thought the beginning of the year would start out. I'm ready for Walker to get on the brighter side of the street.

Walker's upper GI has been moved to tomorrow morning. The eye procedure and the GI were too close together in times and they didn't want to upset him that much.

Day 68: Wednesday, January 4, 2012-

We had to make a deposit to the milk bank today. Our outside freezer is full and these 50 bottles that I took, didn't even leave a dent in my supply. The milk bank can't accept anymore because my spot is full in their freezer. We are having to buy a deep freezer to keep storing all this milk. I pump during the day every two hours. It's my job. Whenever Walker starts eating full feeds, someday, he will be well supplied that, who knows if we will actually breastfeed.

Day 69: Thursday, January 5, 2012- Fabulous news! Dr. Naik, Walker's surgeon, came by today to discuss his screens that showed the blockage. Her recommendation was to insert a feeding tube that goes through his nose or mouth, directly pass his blockage and to continue feeds. I'm ready to plump this boy up! Walker will not be going back to surgery to connect his intestines for four more weeks, so he will be eating, (praying for NO MORE COMPLICATIONS), for FOUR weeks! We will definitely be seeing a weight gain and releasing some of the bilirubin that is building upside of him.

Walker looked so cute tonight. He's starting to make sounds and tonight he was making that grunting "I'm in heaven" sound when sucking his pacifier. LOVED IT!

I held Walker tonight and he was opening his eyes and playing "peek-a-boo". He even gave us a smile! When it was time to put him back in his bed, he was not happy. He was crying and desating and his heart rate was high. He was really upset! 

He's doing very well and I think this is a full second day where he is on room air! Next step: nasal cannula.

Walker is weighing 3 pounds 8 ounces. He gained two ounces!

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