Monday, May 2, 2011

Change of pace, but still good news!

Last night I started to feel bad. My throat felt tight and my body would switch from freezing to burning up. There was no happy medium and I got 4 hours of sleep. That does not make for a happy girl. I drove all the way to Alvin and stayed for a little while just to get back in my car and drive all the way home for a doctors appointment. I was falling asleep while I was driving. Not good. I have a viral infection, a common cold. My throat is killing me and I sound horrible. My throat is so tight when I was eating breakfast in the car I was choking on my food. Yuck.

Like I previously posted in the other days post, I called my doctor to confirm the instructions and to double check what I thought I remembered. Instead of starting clomid on day 5 of my menstrual cycle, I'm starting on day 4! Which means on Wednesday, in two days, we will begin our first cycle!

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