Saturday, April 26, 2014

March Of Dimes- Houston 2014

I'm not sure what happened this year with my emails being sent out to family and friends asking them to join our family team, but they were lost in space. We had a small, dedicated, team. It was fun! It was our first year to be able to actually walk. Last year it poured the night before and they cancelled the walk.

One thing that I loved about the walk, were the family t-shirts. They tell a story without having to ask questions. The walk is a little emotional because you do see "in memory of" shirts and I quickly am reminded that our chances were grim in the beginning.  Walker is such a miracle and as we do our mundane daily routine, you push those memories out of your mind and ALMOST forget. Almost. Those memories are ingrained and unforgettable.
The Man of the Hour! He's the reason we walk!

Pretty much sums up our day. R always ready, Walker trying to escape, and H just holding on for dear life!

Locked in and ready to stroll!

The Group.

Let's do this!

Having a good time, walking, saving babies!

Nice encouragement signs along the walk.

The handed our ice cream sandwiches. The kids were super happy!

We took the shorter route and headed towards all the fun stuff. There are a bunch of tents out there, but most of them are for companies. They do have a family tent where they serve pizza, chips, and drinks. They always have fun activities the kids can do and sell butterfly wings. Everything is free! (except the butterfly wings). Even the balloon artist!

 The have a nice little backdrop for a makeshift photo booth. Lots of signs and toys to pose with.

It was great day and for such a great cause. Can't wait for the 2015 walk!

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