Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Disney World, Day 3: Animal Kingdom

I have to say that I was most excited about today. Walker loves animals and I knew how much he would enjoy the Kilimanjaro Safari and just park in general. 
I love when he wakes up in the morning and he has baby face. My sweet big boy.

He couldn't even concentrate he was super excited!

 I found these great shoes at the first gift shop entering Animal Kingdom. They are super comfortable and cue the huge fashionista in me, they are CROCS. SAY WHAT?!?!
 For some reason I didn't take as many pictures as previous days. This was the fourth roller coaster for R and his least favorite. It went backwards and he thought it did a loop. I don't think we did though.

Grumpy because he couldn't ride Everest. 

 By this time, Walker had liven up and was enjoying himself. He didn't like the idle time where some adults would ride and the others would watch the smaller kids.
 He was super excited to meet his friends!

There's that handsome smile!

 Since I was working at the time of planning, Sadie picked out the Fastpasses based on what people have mentioned about them. She planned for us to see Finding Nemo- The Musical.

 Now, I'm not sure if it was because it was hot that day or I was truly exhausted but I fell asleep during the musical. Whoops!

If you are planning to go to Animal Kingdom, try and catch, It's Tough To Be A Bug. Hilarious and surprising!

He begged for this hat and then would never wear it.
 I think I had been excited about this day because of Walker's love of animals and also because of 'Ohana's! I had to try that big pineapple drink.

'Ohana dinner was fabulous! I didn't care for the meat because I filled up on dumplings and noodles and then stuffed the bread pudding down. SO.GOOD. Prepare yourself. Prepare. Yourself. I loved Ohana for two reasons, one being what I said above, and 2 because they bring out a platter full of French fries and chicken tenders for the kids.

Here's a planning hint: Schedule Ohana dinner when the Wishes fireworks are scheduled and you can dine and watch the fireworks. We could easily see Elsa freezing the castle from our table in the back of the room. 

The bread pudding still haunts me. I need that!

Our Itinerary:
Kilimanjaro Safari
Expedition Everest
Finding Nemo Musical

Table Service: 1

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