Monday, December 1, 2014

Disney World Day 1: Magic Kingdom

Earlier in the year, my mother had this idea to take us all to Disney World during Christmas time. I still remember telling my sister I was unsure that we would be able to go and then calling her and telling her that R and I discussed it and that we would be going. She said, "Good! Because I booked it yesterday!". I asked her how she knew we would change our minds and she said she didn't but that we would have time to think about it. Surprisingly, time sped up and when Walker started school December was here before we knew it. 

Before I had started working, Sadie and I had already been shopping for the boys shirts to wear during Disney. I had picked up a few for R and of course, I was set! (Also, earlier in the year Disney Cruise Line had released their sail dates for December 2015 and we had booked another cruise. So the shirts for R and myself would hold us over this year and next year)

Getting ready for Disney is a process. There is so much planning. I don't understand how anyone says, "Hey! Let's go to Disney" and doesn't plan a single thing. R would make fun of me for staying up late or waking up at 5a.m. to make sure that we got exactly what we wanted. Once we were there, though, his mind changed. He now understands and appreciates all the planning that we did for the vacation. 
Don't forget the ponchos!
 I started packing the weekend school let out for Thanksgiving break. I knew it was going to be a hectic with Thanksgiving and then R taking me out for my early birthday. Sadie and I had to do some planning before then to make sure that the boys matched the boys. Once I arranged all of those outfits, it was time to pack. I made sure that Walker had two outfits a day. Side note: Walker was still taking his 6th antibiotic for pneumonia/ear ache, and his diarrhea was really bad. He needed a lot of extra clothes). I separated outfits by what we were doing or the parks that we were at. I put each outfit, all the way down to the socks, in a Ziplock bag.
 This made packing super easy! Walker and I were able to share a suitcase. I didn't want to bring too much and I didn't want to have to worry about suitcases. So, we took two. Isn't that awesome!

Sleeping in his Mickey the night before. 
We decided to take the earliest flight out which meant waking up at 3 a.m. Some may think it is a little ridiculous but we wanted to utilize the day at the park. We arrived at the airport around 4:45, checked in, went through security, had breakfast, and we're filled with excitement when boarding came at 6:15.

 Thankfully, Walker passed out on the flight. He didn't like the whole, "wear a seat belt until the sign goes off". He's not a sit still kind of guy.
 R is terrified of flying. He had so much anxiety just being at the airport. It was humorous making fun of him!
 The Orlando airport is Disney-fied. Although Walker had a nap, he still was pretty cranky in most of his photos. Isn't this supposed to be the happiest place on earth? Kid needed to get with it!

 We stayed in a Little Mermaid room at the Art of Animation. It was great! The grounds were super nice and the pool was fantastic! We want to plan another trip during a warmer than December month, to utilize the pool.

 We checked in, looked around the grounds a bit, got our bearings and headed for the park. Our first day we decided to head to Magic Kingdom.

 The weather was beautiful and thank goodness we all wore shorts. It was hot!

See those clouds! Uh oh! 
 R lived in Florida for a short time while working construction after the hurricanes, so we knew that it rains almost every day. We were prepared with our ponchos but I thought our backpacks were too stuffed with essentials that I packed them in our suitcase! BIG MISTAKE! Carry them at all times. We got soaked! And poor Walkie. He was shivering.
 So what do you do when you're at Disney and wet? Buy a $20 Olaf towel, DUH! The rain didn't stop us and we hid in Cosmic Ray's for some time, just standing around with others taking shelter from the downpour.

Our first Fastpass was to Enchanted Tales with Belle. I love Belle! I love Beauty and the Beast! R was immediately appointed a knight and I somehow was the loudest to nay like a horse and was Belle's trusty sidekick. We were just two kids having a good time!

 R gets motion sickness when things go round and round, so my mother and I took turns going with Walker on rides. He was super excited about rides and loved the ones that went fast! Lord, help us! He loves speed.

 It started to rain again and we hopped on the train. Walker loved the train and we began to think it was his favorite "ride"!
 He loved it so much he passed out almost immediately.
 We didn't have any meals planned for that day. That night we ate at Columbia Harbour House. I did my research on things to eat at Disney and one was the lobster roll at this place. I love lobster. And I have had lobster rolls before. But for me, I like my lobster hot and not cold. I hate my sandwiches cold, actually. The sandwich was very meaty for being at amusement park. I gave it a thumbs up! I got the fries with mine because I was coming down with a migraine but the house chips are delicious!
Next up was to ride the Seven Dwarf Mine Train...SO MUCH FUN! I have to say that this was R's first time in 28 years to ever ride a roller coaster. He came off the ride asking me, "WHY have I waited so long to ride one of those?! Are we riding more? That was fun!"

 At nightfall, we surrounded the castle for the Frozen themed castle lighting.
 We had a perfect spot to see the castle. Notsomuch the whole "show" they put on, but the main thing is show that leads up to Elsa freezing the castle. It. Is. Beautiful!

This is a postcard picture! 

 We are Frozen fanatics! Walker was SO excited!
So, one thing to add about Disney to someone who has never been. I went with my high school dream team, like, 15 years ago (how is that statement even possible?!). I couldn't remember too much about stuff. This was Walker and R's first time. One thing that disappoints me about this place is that there are not characters just walking around. On the cruise, which to me in a benefit, is that you will find characters all over the place. 

Magic Kingdom, Day 1 down!

Our Itinerary:
Enchanted Tales With Belle
Meet Ariel in her Grotto (not worth a fastpass. It's just a picture with her)
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 

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