Friday, December 5, 2014

Disney World, Day 5: Magic Kingdom

Our last day at the park. It is filled with bittersweet moments. You almost want your vacation to be over with so you can resume normal life activities, and on the other hand  you want the Disney vacation to last forever!

Our last day was spent tirelessly starting off at Chef Mickey's inside the Contemporary Resort. We took the bus to Magic Kingdom and then the Monorail to the resort. The kids loved the monorail and we rode it a couple times throughout our stay. 

Frozen themed Gingerbread house!

Here we go with the stickers again!
 Honestly, I loved Chef Mickey's. Let it be known I'm a breakfast person, so I loved the buffet. Especially the pancakes and of course the Mickey waffles. The Italian frittata was pretty good with hot sauce on it.

This was also one of our favorites because these are all Walker's favorite characters. He's still very much into Mickey and Friends. 

After breakfast we headed back to Magic Kingdom. While we might not have needed all those days at MK, it was nice to have an easy day on Friday to spread things out. Clearly from the picture you can tell it was a gloomy day and Walker was done with just about every thing. 

"Take a picture with me and Walt Disney"..."You know he's dead, don't you R?"

Riding the train during the down pour. This time the train was more crowded than usual. 

 We all felt like Walkie, pooped. I didn't take many pictures but we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which was pretty jerky for me. Little Mermaid Under the Sea, which was fun and pretty! And then our final Fastpass was for Mine Train again but we never even made it.

We headed back to the resort to look around the grounds one more time. We swam the night before and I didn't get pictures. The pool is super nice and don't forget to dunk your head and listen carefully! They have speakers and music playing underwater.

 Walker loved the decor and this treasure chest. He kept saying it was "Hook's". I guess we need to watch The Little Mermaid before our next trip.

We had such a fun trip! We can't wait to plan the boys 5th birthday celebration trip. Secretly, I've already planned the trip! Come on 2016!

My Itinerary:
Big Thunder Railroad Mountain
Under the Sea
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Table Service: 1
Chef Mickey's 

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