Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Disney World, Day 2: Magic Kingdom

 To say you are exhausted is an understatement. Usually Walker is one to perk up and ready to go, but that was not the case. It took coaxing and lots of Daddy time.
 The second day started off pretty well, until we lost Walker at the resort. R thought I had him, I thought R had, Sadie thought he went back to us. So there was an argument, but let's face it. Show me one family that is not having the same fight as everyone around them. We headed to get on the bus and some woman and man were like, "Where is ____?". And then their argument played out for visitors. Seriously, it happens every where you look. Or some spouse getting on to the other about not taking of the kids.

Once that was all out of the way, we went to the park and Sadie's family and mine and Mother separated. (She was mad at R). Mother and I took Walker on the spinning teacups because the line was short and, WHOA! Those things really spin and make your stomach flip flop.
 The second thing we did was ride the cars. Now this is where my boy livened up! He LOVES cars!
 R and I made up and rode together and let Mother and Walker ride together. Now you see them getting in...
 We turn around and, hey, where short stuff go?!

 There he is! Taking lessons from Ace Ventura, I see!

 I LOVE Buzz's Space Ranger ride! That's something that I do remember from my high school trip and coaxed everyone to get on.
 R of course took the shooting game very seriously and I think my meter was broken because my score was severely lower than R's and I'm a good shot!

 We rode the People Mover to kill some time.
 Walker was crying for a snack and we needed to use up some of "snack" count because that is way too many snacks for three of us!

My Mother met back up with Sadie and Isabella as they were at Bippitty Boppity Boo, getting all fancied up! A rainstorm came and luckily we were in Frontier Land, which is the best place to be when rain hits. They have a lot of covered spaces. We brought our ponchos but I didn't want the bottom half of us to get wet before Cinderella's Royal Table.

We took refuge under the Disney Vacation Club spot and they gave Walker stickers. I'm not sure where he learned to put them all over his face but he did it more than once this vacation. He was entertained which made it easier to wait for the rain to let up.

 We made it to CRT just in time. They had saved our reservations since BBB was behind in customers. When you enter you are greet by Cinderella and you take a professional picture, that is included with your experience. CRT is two sit down meals.

 You head up the stairs and are seated at your table. You will see  most princesses circling around, signing autographs, and taking pictures.

I ordered the chicken, macaroni, and greens. The chicken has this sweet sauce on it that I wished I had more of. The macaroni and cheese is in a fried bowl. The greens were too earthy for me, but mixed with the sauce they were okay. I tried R's short rib and I didn't like it too much. Walker on the other hand, ate R's serving! The spinach that is served with the short rib is delicious!
 That's my dessert. I forgot the name. I like the cookie clock hand and the white chocolate floral thing. I didn't like CRT. It would be really hard for me to use two meals for it again. The bathrooms were disgusting and if you want to play up the whole royalty thing, clean the bathrooms, Cinderella should walk around the dining room because it's her castle, and maybe Prince Charming should be there too. Heck, I think the mice and Fairy Godmother should be there also. Just food for thought.
 Okay, yes, that picture is blurring, but there's a story. We were riding Peter Pan Takes Flight. It starts off and you enter a part that prepares you for darkness. Well, our seat stopped. So we're basically hanging there. Walker is terrified and honestly, I got scared for a minute also. But I remember seeing a handicapped group so they had to stop the ride to properly secure those individuals.
Mother, Isabella, R, and me rode Space Mountain. It was so much fun! R had such a good time on that ride.

After riding Space Mountain it was time for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party. Now, I'm not sure if I just picked a horrible day to do this or what, but it was crowded. They give out free hot chocolate and cookies but the lines were so dang long, there was no point. It was supposed to snow and I only saw a flakes blow on to Mickey and Minnie as they passed on their float. Disappointment, but you live and learn at Disney!

My Itinerary:
Peter Pan Flight
Jungle Cruise: Our cast mate was HILARIOUS!
Space Mountain

Table Service: 2
Cinderella's Royal Table

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