Thursday, January 17, 2013

We've Been Busy

Our lives have been very busy in these last couple of weeks. My Uncle Walter's cancer progressed faster than anyone thought it would. Walker and I made a trip with my mother to see him. He was in ICU waiting to be transferred to home hospice care and we had to leave to come back home. We did not get to see him but did get to visit with Aunt Pat, Ric, Aunt Sis and Uncle Harry for a little bit. I am sad to report that my Uncle Walter passed just a couple days after we returned home. He was great man and will be missed terribly. My favorite memory of Uncle Walter was going to the KZTV news station and seeing in his prime. I remember my grandma ruined it a little for me because she was being extremely bossy.

My Uncle Walter and Aunt Pat would read the blog and print pictures. I would hear feedback from him like, "She just wants to hold her baby", or that he was updating his sisters on what was going on. When he found out that one of them didn't have a picture of Walker, he printed the Easter bunny picture for them. Every time he would see me he would say the same thing, "She looks just like mother".

We chose Walker's name because we liked it the best. We picked his middle name, Williams, because it is R's middle name. Later to find out that my Uncle Walter's name is Walter William. Just two small letters a part. I remember my mom calling me from out of town saying that Aunt Sis said, "I didn't know she was so fond of Walter". So story goes that we named Walker after Walter, and why not? He was the classiest man I have ever known and such a great role model. R and I both thought the story was funny and decided to go with it.
Our family goes into survival mode after the holidays. We are all just a hair away from meltdowns thinking of the anniversary of my brother's death. It consumes our lives. Every time this year I feel myself pulling away from people and reverting to my own little place. So, please forgive us if we are not the same happy people we typically are.
Ride it cowboy! 

He LOVES taking rides on this dog! And I think we have memorized all the songs that go with it. 

Show me a smile! I've got beads!

Daddy and Walkie at The Spot in Galveston 

The mohawk is back! Baby needs another haircut!

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