Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Speech Therapy Eval

We had Walker's speech evaluation today and it went pretty well. He does not qualify for speech therapy at the moment but they are going to keep him in case management and come back out in three months. The therapist today was really annoying. She was a grandmother herself and was very frustrating for me.

"His legs are cold, Momma. His arms are cold, Momma. You better not let him get the flu now, Momma. He needs to have shoes on to practice walking in. Does he own a pair of shoes? He feels warm now, Momma. Are these slippery socks? Do they have grips on the bottom? Does he chew his food? How? Up and down? Like us? (I started feeding Walker his snack) What are you feeding him? What are those? He doesn't get ANY services? Why not? You're a stay at home mom? Who lives here besides you two? What's NEC? He's shortgut?!! He has a flat spot right here, have you been talked to about a helmet? Yes, we decided not to. Okay, I'll put it down as it's still up for discussion."

It was just on and on with the questions and trying to parent me. I'm a good mom and I know when my child is hot, cold, hungry, tired, sad and happy. When she left it was such a relief to just have her out of the house. Walker took a three hour nap, which NEVER happens. I think he was over stimulated with that one.

Walker is excelling most statistics of what he should. He's doing wonderfully. Leave it at that, lady. When a problem arises, we'll go back to the drawing board. She was so eager to have him receive some type of service.

We were so happy when R came home to brighten our moods.
Look at that face! That face makes my whole life better. 

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