Friday, January 18, 2013

We Went to the Zoo!

It was a gorgeous day and we decided to head out to our city's zoo for the day. Just the three of us. 

We had such a good time. Walkie went into the petting zoo where he was not too excited to see the goats. 
He rode the carousel and loved it!
Look at my baby! He is so small but so big at the same time!

 We fed the giraffes lettuce. R wasn't quick enough to snap a photo of us feeding them. Their tongues are long and they fast at grabbing the lettuce.

 Later in the afternoon, Walker felt the time was right for a nice outdoor nap.
 We rode the train! He loved it! It was a little chilly but Walker did not mind. He is obsessed with trains.

I'm in love with this picture. Love these two boys so much! 

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