Monday, June 25, 2012

Yep, this is happening right now

My sweet, sweet baby had a rough day. ROUGH! I think the teething stage is upon us at the moment. He's been chomping on his fingers, not interested in eating just chomping on the bottle and sleeping horribly. He decided at 3:30 this morning that it was time to get up and jump. He happily played in his jumper for 3 hours before deciding to take a nap for an hour and a half. That was his only nap today.

Today he was so aggravated that he ripped his fingers out of his mouth really fast and cut his gum up. His nails are clipped short so I have no idea how he did it. Screams, blood, tears, red face crying came after that. Nothing helped until Daddy came to the rescue with Orajel. Bless you makers of Orajel. You are heaven sent!

So now my sweet newborn baby is swaddled tightly, sleeping in his Pack n' Play napper in between Mommy and Daddy. Oh, did I mention that he's currently my leach at the moment? Can't stray too far. R mentioned earlier how he misses him sleeping in our room. This is when the whole, "he's only been home for 2 and half months but feels like forever" thing comes up.

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