Sunday, June 24, 2012

Praying for Fischer

A friend from the Bump had a little boy named Fischer at the end of January. We all met when we joined the site on our month board. It's a forum where people who are due in the same month talk and discuss their pregnancies.

As I've stated before, these ladies have been a major part of Walker's prayer army. Fischer's mom Brittany, found out later in her pregnancy that Fischer would need heart surgery in his first year of life. Well, Fischer had that surgery a couple of days ago at almost 5 months old. We all remember what Walker went through and how "sick" he was after every surgery. It's so hard on their little bodies.

Fischer needs our prayers. Another Bumpie made this Shutterfly photo book for Fischer with pictures of all of our little ones. Here's Walker's picture:
Just a little funny to brighten their days.

Please friends, I ask you to put Fischer, his Mommy and Daddy and little sister Choice in your prayers. They are away from home and staying in the Ronald McDonald House.

Thanks y'all!

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