Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Walker's 1st Play Date

Walker hosted his very first play date with little friends from 7 months - 5 years old. Of course Yolanda started our day off by not coming at the appropriate time and ruining his morning nap. Thanks Yolanda! You're a true gem! Because of that, Walker slept almost the whole play date.

The kids having fun. This wasn't a staged picture either!
"Is he real?" M checking out Walkie.

"He's REAL!" Hugs from M!

All the kiddos!

It's so much fun having friends with kids around the same age of your baby. The two older girls are a year apart and the younger kids are all within 6 months apart in age.

Walkie's hair is growing and his natural mohawk is barely noticeable now. He's rockin' the Snookie bump now!
Walkie's girlfriend M!

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