Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday we spent the whole day running around trying to get Walker a new pair of glasses. The type of glasses he currently has are hard to find. Their website gives a list of places that have them but some stopped taking out of office prescriptions. Walker sees a doctor from TCH and I really don't feel the need to switch because he is geared towards kids. Then we showed up at a place that was listed as a provider on the website and they are weeding them out because they are too hard to size. That's just laziness.

Anyways, we finally got Walker a new pair and they are super cute. Still the same style but a different color. He needed new glasses because his vision improved! Yay! I also learned that his ophthalmologist is retiring and he starts seeing a new one in October. I'm not good at dropping or getting new doctors. I just don't feel that the new doctor will understand how far we have come. 

We spent Saturday as a family, shopping for Walker. He needed some new summer clothes because it is starting to get warm here.
Keeping it real.


"High five to all the ladies"

Such a big boy!
He also scored this awesome wagon. It has a detachable umbrella, turns into an ice chest, has a small cooler sack on the back, 6 cup holders, and turns into a bench. 
"Let's go!"

"HEY! Stop taking pictures and pull this thing."

"Just us boys hanging out."
Saturday night, Uncle Paul left for Tennessee for a job. We had a nice little dinner to say "see ya". Sunday we laid around the house and did nothing. Such a good weekend. 

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