Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Gardening Project

Walker had so much fun playing outside while we finished the garden.
He played with the pots:
 He even thought to turn them over and play them like bongos:
 He ate soil:
Tried to make excuses on how he didn't eat soil. Evidence is clear, Walkie:
Our youngest pup, Buddy always manages to get stung by a wasp in the spring. One morning he came in and we found his whole face swollen. Today he came in and they got him good on his face. It doesn't bother him but does make him look like Alf.

When we were at the store R had asked me if I thought we needed to get a gardening sheet to keep weeds from growing. I said that I found this pin on Pinterest that said that newspaper killed weeds. He had this glazed look over his face and asked the question again. The next morning I hear him talking with our neighbor who has a beautiful yard and come out to find this happening:
R said that he asked him what he used and he told him that he usually used newspaper. WHAT! My husband doubted my all sacred Pinterest?! He sure hasn't doubted Pinterest dinners that I've made. 

And here's the final product. We love it!

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