Friday, April 5, 2013

GI Appointment

Walker had a GI appointment today and all is good to report. She really didn't do a lot or have anything to report, they are just watching his growth. His growth! He is 22 pounds 13.4 ounces! He's gained over a pound in a month. He is so active I thought he had stalled out, but I was wrong.

There is always a wait and with an active toddler you have to get creative. Walker usually has to be down to his diaper so they can examine his stomach and feel around at his organs. It was a little chilly in the office so we left his shirt on. He has this thing where he loves to either have one shoe on and one off and does the same with socks. We put his little diaper bag backpack on him and kept saying, "Walker's first day of school". He thought it was the funniest thing and so did we.

Walker is growing up so fast. I keep telling R how happy I am that I take daily pictures of him because that is where I see his growth. I stare at him every day and still see him as a little baby. He is walking more than crawling and has his own language. I love driving around and hearing him in the back seat, with this sweet little baby voice, just talking away!

Sitting in the chair, like a big boy, waiting for Dr. Carter. No big deal.
We decided to take full advantage of the beautiful day and eat lunch in the city. We went to Lankford Grocery for a juicy burger. It was so much fun. We love going into the city. It feels like a mini vacation.

We've lived in our home for 6 years now and with each year we do something to our house. This year we are working on the outside of the house. So far we have added shutters, solar screens, and are planting a nice little garden. Since Walker loves being outside he joined us and had a blast hanging out and working with his Daddy.
This is fun!

King of the mulch!

"A little that way, Daddy. Oops, a little the other way now."

Just relaxing and gardening. No biggie!

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