Thursday, February 21, 2013

Being a SAHM

Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) has been such an amazing experience for me. I am very fortunate that R works really hard to allow me to have this luxury. Walker and I spend most our days together alone and I just can not get enough of him.

Lately, Walker has been waking up in the middle night because his teeth are coming in and bothering him. I try to only medicate when he is really irritated and seems in pain. Other times I let him decide what he wants to do. So, for the past few nights he has been falling asleep in our bed while I watch TV.
I don't mind because I like to watch a little late night TV while I sink into my bed for the night. He likes it because Buddy will jump in the bed with us and he thinks that's the funniest thing ever. R likes it because he gets to spend some more time with him now that he is away so much. He only does this when he is sick or teething, so it's not a big deal to us. I move him to his bed when he falls asleep because I don't feel comfortable bed sharing.

Being a SAHM is so much more than watching soap operas and eating Bon-Bons on the couch. I'm with Walker all the time. I know what he is doing. I am able to comfort him if he is crying. I don't want to share these moments with anyone else besides family of course.

Lately I have just felt so in love with the way our lives have turned out. R thanks me every day for giving him such a sweet and perfect little boy. He always reassures me that I contribute the most to the family because I have the most important job between the two of us.

R and I were raised in two completely different worlds. He had a SAHM all his life and my mom always worked. So it was an adjustment in our relationship to figure out what we wanted for our family. We both thought I would be a working mom but after having Walker and every thing that happened, the choice to stay at home became evident. In a few years I will go to work but as the saying goes, "babies don't keep"...

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