Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pictures of our 1st week home!

We had an appointment with his GI doctor on Friday. We are supposed to go with her scale since they will be following Walker closely and regularly. He weighed 10 pounds 4 ounces on their scale. We meet with the dietician again in 10 days and he'll be weighed again. Hopefully, crossing fingers, we will be able to cut down on the time his TPN is ran throughout the day.  These pictures are from that day.
"Are we at the stinkin' hospital again?"

"Chilling in my stroller"

Hey there happy blurry guy!

"My dad is SO funny!"

"Do it again Dad!"

"Stop it! You're so funny!"

"Hello lady!" A lady walked in and this is the face she got from Walker!

 Texas weather is the best. It's been a good 80 degrees for a week. Then BAM! A day of rain and cool weather blew in. Walker has outgrown newborn sized clothes and when we went shopping for 0-3 months, we bought shorts. So I had to stuff his chubby body into newborn clothes. This is what he thought of it.
"Are you serious Mom?"
 We had two birthday parties in one day. One, that we weren't invited to but seeing as it was family, we showed up. Don't even get me started on that. The second party was for a sweet little 1 year old girl. We decided to put Walker in the Baby Bjorn since it is the easiest way to lug him around.
Dad practicing.
 For the record, Walker loved it!
Crashed after his busy day of birthday parties.

Chub a wubba!
These next pictures are of Walker watching the dogs walking around. 
"You see that Momma?"

"What are those things?"

"Get it away!"

"Get it away!!!"


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