Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's your turn!

My husband has been fantastic, he really has. But he agreed to work overtime this weekend and I'm not too thrilled about it.

So tonight I handed over the baby and told him to do ALL the things that I do when he gets home from work. Why? Because.
1. He needs to learn
2. He's his child too.

Typically, when R gets home he has it pretty easy. I hand over the baby for about 30 minutes so I can do some things like make TPN and Omegaven and get everything started, cook dinner, wash bottles, make bottles for the next day, pick up Walker's and my mess from the day, and start Walker's laundry. It's a lot.

R always has an opinion about how to do TPN, when he hasn't even been trained. Now, I'm fine with criticism. But when you don't know what the hell you are talking about and you're trying to tell ME how to do it, then there's going to be a problem.

So I handed Walker over tonight and told R, "It's your turn". I'll update how that went.
Update: I made the bottle, gave Walker his medicines and did his laundry. I couldn't help it.

Yesterday, we went to Kemah to celebrate big cousin Adam's 1st birthday. We can't wait for his birthday party this weekend. Here are some pictures of the cousins.
Nana and the boys. Adam is 6 months older than Walker. He doesn't look that little next to his giant cousin, does he?

 He LOVES his car seat and staring at that cute baby he sees in the mirror!
 I have a very great friend M that works for a Texas Senator. She surprised us with a Texas flag that was flown over the State Capitol the day Walker came home! It is the most special, awesomeness gift ever! We were so happy and surprised and grateful. Thank you M!
So, last weekend and earlier this week Walker stopped taking my hard earned breast milk. I have three freezers full, so you can imagine the heart ache. It doesn't hurt that he likes formula, it hurts all those sleepless nights. Oh well, my baby is eating, gaining weight and is happy. I'm not sure if it was the adjustment period of getting used to being at home but tonight we are trying to reintroduce breast milk mixed with Elecare. We've been giving him Elecare, a special type of formula. He needs more calories. Anyways, hopefully he likes it.
UPDATE: Walker was NOT having the breast milk. It's either Lipase or lactose intolerant, I'm convinced. I'm thinking Lipase. Poor guy. Cried and cried while trying to feed him and then threw up. Never again!

I forgot to mention that the dietician decided to lower his TPN/Omegaven to 16 hours! Woo hoo! We see her next Friday and I'm anxious to see what she says. And also to see if he's gained weight. He feels heavy and is filling out his clothes more.
 He is so precious! I LOVE getting to stay home with him and he's a very easy baby. The only torture I make him endure is tummy time. Our little guy hates it! But you know what, what baby enjoys it? All with time, all with time.

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