Friday, March 18, 2011

Negative Nancies

No, Aunt Nancy, I'm not referring to you.

Negative Nancies are all around! They come in all sizes, shapes and forms. They creep around with their horrible attitudes, dropping their unwanted or unasked for advice. Negative Nancies leave a bad taste in my mouth. YUCK!

The first time R and I were told about my "problems" was in 2007. I'm not going to even try to hide this, we lived together so we would do what people who lived together do ;). When we received the news, we knew we would be married some day and that we wanted to have a baby together. So, honestly, R and I have been trying to have a baby naturally for 4 years. During this time my lovely sister found out she was pregnant with my beautiful niece. I was excited for them and just unbelievably crushed inside. It's hard watching your friends and family living out your dreams.

And just last weekend at my sister's baby shower, my dear friend A brought up a question I've been lingering on. "What if it doesn't work? Just because you take it doesn't mean you'll get pregnant." I love A! So, so, so much! But her statement has been ticking in my brain for a week now. What if it doesn't work? Most of the time it does. I know of 3 ladies who have taken it and it has happened for them the first round. Tick, Tick, Tick.....

My answer to you lovely A: If it doesn't work we will do another cycle with a higher dosage. If that doesn't work, we will do a third cycle with a higher dosage than the second. If that doesn't work, prayers that it does!, then we will go back and take a closer look at what my body is doing. We will start another cycle with the same medicine mixed with another. WE WILL HAVE A BABY OF OUR OWN! I know in my heart that that is true.

I will close with this: If I have to practically beg you to be happy for us, you are not a person who truly cares about us. Get on board. Because the happy train that we have been riding on since I picked up my medication doesn't have ANY room for Negative Nancies!

Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching? 
- Dennis and Wendy Mannering

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