Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I quit my job today...

That's right. I quit. You see that sweet boy in that picture? He needs me home with him. So I quit. I'm finishing out the semester but I will not be going back in January.

It was a tough decision. Of all the doubts that I had when I first started, thinking I couldn't do this because of the stress, I could. But Walker needs me and that is that.

Walker had two bouts of pneumonia almost back to back. He's never once had a fever before and had more in those months than in his entire life. It is scary having a sick child. Fevers are scary.

My decision to leave was a hard one to make. I love the school. I love the teachers. I love those dang kids, so much. I cried, my team cried, and then I felt relieved. It was some heavy stuff on my chest and once it was off, I felt free!

Walker lost 3 pounds in 2 months. 

Walker's schedule has increased and it seems to be increasing. My mother has no problem taking on the more rigorous schedule and taking him to doctor's visit, but that isn't her job. You see, Walker has this bulge in between his stomach muscles that needs medical attention. R has used up all his vacation and personal/family sick days, so it would be up to my mother to take him to appointments. Like I said, that's what I should be doing.

I never took the job for the financial benefit. I took the job because I needed to do something for myself. Moms out there know the feeling of losing your identity. You become a mom and at first you are so busy with a newborn and toddler that you could never imagine having a full time job. Then they grow up to become older toddlers and are so independent that you almost think, "why am I home?". That was me. I was looking to fulfill my dream of being teacher. For a weeks it was fantastic, then Walker started getting sick and needing to see the doctor almost every week, and it become too much for me. I really started to rethink the idea of me working. R was supportive because he felt the same way.

I just can't wait to get my little guy feeling better and on the road to healthiness. 

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