Saturday, September 14, 2013

Walker ALERT! Walker ALERT!

Our lives have been busy lately. Walker is doing great! He is getting so big and changing and growing every day.

We decided to enroll Walker in a local Mother's Day Out program. He was getting bored at home and the kid-to-kid interaction was not enough for him.
Aren't these Skip Hop backpacks so cute?!


Super excited!
He is doing really well at MDO. He was not sad about leaving in those pictures, he was upset that R took the dogs for a walk and didn't take him. All his teachers love him at MDO. Mrs. T told me yesterday, "You know, I've just been thinking about Walker. He is just such a sweet little boy". Doesn't that just make you so happy? Because it makes us. There was an incident on the playground last week where Walker had some mulch fall in his hair and then they think some other kiddies might have put some in there. So now Walker doesn't like going to the playground. Isn't that so funny?!

 Of course Walker and Adam are inseparable. Best friends forever!

R had cut back on his overtime hours at work and spent every weekend home with us during August. Walker and I enjoyed every weekend with him. He has really started liking his chair that Uncle Pat got him for his birthday last year.
Monday Night Football!
We're about to start Walker's yearly checkups. I can't believe it is time again for all of this. How is my little bird already turning 2!!

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Jacob and Kimberly Palmer said...

He is adorable! I can't believe he's almost two. Where does the time go?