Sunday, August 12, 2012


One of my Bump friends introduced us to Wittlebee boxes and we got our first one over the weekend. We loved it!

It's a monthly service that sends a box of name brand clothing. They are super cute! Wittlebee promises that the boxes are worth over $100 in merchandise and you only pay $39.99 a month. It you use this code: Wittlebee, you and I both get $10 off our boxes, making it $29.99 a box. Awesome! You can quit anytime you want. I am NOT a paid spokesperson, I swear.

Since this was our first time to try the service out, I decided to get 12 month clothes for Walker. We made our profile like this:
  • Styles needed: Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Pants
  • Graphics: Patterns/Plaids, Stripes
  • Favorite Colors: Grey, Blue, Red
  • Clothing Style: Casual, Preppy
  • Accessories Needed: No thanks
  • Styles not needed: Tank Tops
  • Climate: Chilly Nights
  • Child's Gender: Boy 
And this was what we got:

 We got American Apparel, Kicky Pants, Teddy Boom and Mis TeeV-Us. That striped shirt feels so good! And even though it says 12-18 months, Walker can fit into it now. He looks like such a big boy in it!

I don't like the blue jeans, they're just not my style. Wittlebee has 100% satisfaction guarantee. What that means is that since I don't like the jeans and they are WAY too big, they will send me an extra piece with my next box at no extra cost. The only thing they ask is you give that piece to charity, which we donate ALL the time. Great company!

Anyways, I felt that I needed to share because we've liked our experience and wanted to share. They make boxes for boys and girls and go up to size 5T.

Here's the code again for $10 off your first box!

CODE: Wittlebee

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